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BMW 740I Parts and BMW 740I Accessories

Six Fascinating Facts about BMW 740i

  • BMW 740i was featured in the film Ambush starred by Clive Owen. The film was part of the BMW Film Series which featured eight short films highlighting different BMW models. Directed by John Frankenheimer, Ambush is about a hired driver's account of escorting an elderly guy who was being chased by armed men. The film series also featured renowned directors such as Ang Lee, Wong Kar-wai, and Guy Ritchie.

  • The BMW 750iL Q gave to James Bond in the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies was actually a 740iL as shown by the 8-cylinder engine it had. An unforgettable scene in the movie was when the famous secret agent operated the vehicle from the backseat with the use of a remote control. Unfortunately, it was not able to see the film through the end as it made an impressive dive from a seven-story parking area.

  • The last E38 model that rolled off the BMW's assembly line on July 27, 2001 was a silver 740i. This paved the way for the new E65 series. Unfortunately, the new series was not received warmly by the market. Instead, the remaining E38 sold a lot better in its final months.

  • In March 2011, Motor Trend put different fullsize luxury sedans head-to-head to come up with a ranked list of the best ones. Included are Hyundai Equus, Mercedes Benz, S400 Hybrid, Jaguar XJL, Lexus LS 460, Audi A8, Porsche Panamera, and BMW 740i. Thanks to the simple yet functional BMW 740i parts-not to mention the BMW 740i accessories-the model came in First Place, noted for its spaciousness and performance which are main priorities in the class.

  • After 20 years, the 2011 BMW 740i and 740iL models reintroduced the six-cylinder engine of the BMW 7-series to the American market. This makes more room under the hood due to smaller engine size. This engine was upgraded into an inline-six underhood on the 2013 model, resulting in less vibrations and noise despite fewer cylinders.

  • The 2011 BMW 740i is the most noted model in the whole 7-series. Because of the many changes it underwent from the previous year, it was dubbed as one of the most powerful six-cylinder luxury sedans in the world. More so, commended the model as it was able to have the same fuel economy as a hybrid car while maintaining an "entertaining ride."

BMW 740I Parts

BMW 740I Articles

  • BMW 740i Issues to Know

    There's no mistaking that a BMW 740i is made for people with hefty bank accounts. Excellent handling dynamics, thanks to a powerful, state-of-the-art engine, make this sweet ride one for the elite. Add to that the lavish accouterments, a rear-wheel drive, and a sleek body. With its steep price, one can only expect unstoppable power and style from this vehicle. Unfortunately, this sedan has some issues that make owners wonder if buying one was ever worth their money.

    Damaged PCV valve

    The BMW 740i is equipped with a powerful engine that promises excellent drive. However, some units have shown a decrease in engine performance due to a bad PCV valve. The busted PCV valve in the sedan creates a backpressure buildup in the exhaust. This leads the engine to stall and blow out excess smoke. The problem is common among 740i units that have about 60,000 miles in them.

    Engine oil and steering hose leaks

    Engine oil leak from a valve cover problem is one of the 740i issues that owners had to deal with. This problem, which affected models from 1993 up to 2001 with average mileage of 117,800 miles, decreases the car's performance and fuel efficiency. Engine oil leaks out because of loose or misshapen valve covers.

    On the other hand, the steering hose leak hampers the smooth maneuvering of the steering wheel. Power steering leaks are common because of the high pressure within the system. The power steering system of the vehicle includes several hoses (pressure, return, and supply hoses) that often chafe against each other while the vehicle is in motion. The friction in between the hoses creates cracks where power steering fluid comes out. Other possible causes for the leak are defective seals and too-tight connection.

    Brake light failure

    Several 740i units have shown brake light failure that prompted recalls on the 3, 5, and 7 Series. The brake lights, which are activated upon pressing on the brake pedal, remains in either the "brake lamps on" or "brake lamps off" position. Whether illuminated or not, the faulty brake lights gives other motorists the wrong signal, which often leads to road accidents.

  • BMW 740i Problems

    As part of the BMW 7-Series, the BMW 740i is a representation of technology and comfort. A noted luxury sedan throughout its production life, this model has always been a safe choice by wealthy consumers looking for an elegant and spacious ride that bears the curbside capabilities the German automobile manufacturer is known for. However, like most vehicles, the BMW 740i is not immune to problems-mechanical or otherwise. That is why it is wise to know each of these in order to prevent them. Following are some common issues the luxury sedan is known to encounter.


    This problem is no more than an issue with gaskets, bushings, and different seals. However, this small problem can snowball into bigger ones when the oil or fluid leaking contaminates other functioning BMW 740i parts. Common leak problems occur at the valve covers, VANOS solenoid seals, and intake manifold gaskets.

    Cooling fan

    Like most parts, the cooling fan under the hood should not be taken for granted. It is because once it fails, the engine as well as close BMW 740i accessories and parts will be prone to overheating and malfunction eventually. In severe cases of overheating, the underhood may even catch fire. This is why there had been a recall in this simple part in 2001 where 76,469 units were affected. During the recall, the cooling fans were replaced by the manufacturer with new and more durable ones.


    All BMW cars in general take pride in its luxurious and easy handling and steering. This means that a problem with the steering system will be detrimental to the essence of one BMW unit. Unfortunately, the 740i is not resistant to steering problems. Most common of these is an issue with the center drag links where the steering center tie rods shear off, resulting in complete loss of vehicle control. In 2010, there was a recall of this particular part where the old tie rods were replaced by new ones care of the manufacturer.


    One of the most abused parts of all cars is the ball joints in the suspension system. Since they are the ones that allow suspension system movement during steering and bumpy roads, they are very much prone to wearing and malfunction. Once damaged, ball joints will cause wheel alignment and tire wear issues.