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BMW Bumper

Bavarian Motor Works is a proven manufacturer of good quality products and is known all over the world as one of the producers of the best types of cars there is. For years now, BMW has continuously accelerated itself by making impressive safety advance features in all their products.
The company pursues on developing new trends in the automotive world, such as being able to customize your car's looks and performance. As of today, we see so many kinds and new models of BMW cars available in the market. Each type of these cars has its own uniqueness and style, from delicate curves and beautifully sculpted outer surfaces with its well branded L-shaped rear lights to double kidney looking grilles and twin headlights. A BMW-branded car is well recognized.
Along the exteriors of the car, one important part is the bumper. Bumpers are usually found in front and at the rear end of the vehicle. These are the parts which ensure that the car doesn't receive so much shock after a collision. At present, BMW is innovating more safety measures for this feature. New styles like rubber bumpers are being produced to absorb more distress, thus avoiding bigger damage to the car.
One new design for BMW bumpers, particularly for front bumpers includes the use of CFRTP material. This feature of front bumper is developed to increase energy absorption intended for M3 sports coupe. Not only that, having this kind of front bumper reduces the vehicle's weight. BMW bumper of this type is fitted in the same space with similar attachment points used on metal bumpers.
Recognized designers of the CFRTP bumpers include three companies which are based in Wilhelmsdorf, Germany - Jacob Composites GmbH, Advanced Composite Systems GmbH (AS. S) and composite consultants working with BMW M designers. These improvements are projected to meet demanding performance, manufacturing cost, and recycling requirements. When demonstrated, this type of bumper showed 60% improved crash performance. With the advantages of high speed CFRTP molding and the thermoplastic welding, this will enable mass production and will be therefore easier to get hold on.
Car bumpers like the ones in BMWs have several other minimal parts such as front bumper guards, bumper beams and many other. A bumper guard is that vertical bar attached to a front bumper to prevent locking bumpers with another vehicle. Find more knowledge about what to buy for your BMW front bumper and as added precaution for your vehicle. BMW accessories and bumper spares are widely available around the net and can easily be searched and browsed.

  • Closer Look at BMW Bumper

    If you get into a minor accident with your BMW, the damage can be quite expensive to repair. Often, various parts of the BMW bumper will have to be replaced, and in our online catalog, you will find most of the parts you need to complete the repair. Our replacement parts are made to the same high quality standards as the replacements from the dealership, but our prices are much lower. In almost any accident, the chances are high that the plastic BMW bumper cover will need to be replaced. We carry the part needed for most vehicles and it is easily painted to match the color of your vehicle. If the damage is more extensive, other parts of the BMW bumper may need to be replaced, which we will carry for most models. The hydraulic shock absorber will often need to be replaced, and perhaps the foam cushion. We also carry the brackets and other parts needed to mount the BMW bumper. All of our BMW bumper parts are made to meet or exceed all of the specifications of the original parts and they will perform just as well. They will last at least as long as the original parts did, barring direct physical damage, of course. In addition to the parts for the BMW bumper, we have many of the other replacements parts that you will need to complete the repair, as well as a full line of accessories and performance parts for your vehicle. The BMW bumper parts can easily be ordered from our secure web site, or by phone, with a toll-free call to our sales department, at any time.