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BMW Car Cover

Whether you have decided to store your BMW for the winter, or simply a short vacation, if it is left unprotected, serious damage could occur to the finish of your vehicle. Our BMW car cover is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your investment and keep its resale value high for the future. Our online catalog will have the model to fit almost any BMW at a great price, and our quick shipping can have it at your door soon. If you are storing your vehicle indoors, in a garage or other structure, you should use the indoor version of the BMW car cover. With it installed, the dust will not gather on the vehicle, and pets, falling objects, and spills cannot harm the finish of your vehicle. When you are storing your vehicle outdoors, the BMW car cover becomes much more important. The weather can easily cause damage to your vehicle, ranging from corrosion from any precipitation, to dings from a strong hailstorm. The sun can cause your paint to fade and crack, and it can discolor the interior of your vehicle. The BMW car cover is available in several thicknesses for outdoor use, depending on the severity of the environment. It securely attaches to your vehicle and can be installed in minutes. The BMW car cover will remain on your vehicle, even in strong winds, and it allows condensation from under the cover to escape naturally. The BMW car cover is made of strong polyethylene and all of the joints are stitched with heavy-duty thread. To order the BMW car cover for your vehicle, visit our secure web site, or make a call to our sales department, toll-free.