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BMW Headlight

Many consider the BMW as the epitome of what a car should be - luxurious, sporty, dependable and safe. It also provides great driving experience, truckloads of fun factor and a great design. BMW engineers have given time in providing it the best in all aspects, and the headlights are one of those. Many have provided accolades for the great designs BMW headlights come in. They provide fluidity in the over all design and they always look so modern and innovative. Simplicity hasn't been one of BMW's virtues and they tend to give the ultimate in their designs. Their headlights benefit from these. Cutting-edge technology is provided to ensure the best in quality and that the purpose they serve is achieved and surpassed.

Headlights are provided in every vehicle to ensure visibility in darkness and on dim and foggy days. This is so that safety is achieved while on the road. Drivers must be able to see what is in front of them as well as being aware of the other vehicles with their headlights on. The technology in headlights has gone a ling way. Headlight bulbs have constantly improved to provide better lighting at lower energy costs to the battery and provide fewer glares for incoming vehicles. Most headlights use incandescent light bulbs, usually the halogen-type; either with separate high and low beam bulbs, or a single bulb on each side with dual filaments. New headlight lenses are coming out too day-by-day, lenses that are of high resistance to heat and made of the most durable materials to ensure durability in any type of weather condition. Euro Altezza lights provides great designs and is wildly popular these days. Accessories such as headlight covers and masks are also available to add aesthetic value to the Headlight.

Headlights come in pairs and are found in the front of the car. Many headlights used nowadays are the sealed beam type; this means that the reflector, lens array on the front, as well as bulb, is compressed into one unit that must be replaced together. Usually the parking lights and signal light can be found with the headlights. They are cast into one set consisting of multiple bulbs and reflectors. Colors are provided as to designate which light is used and for what purpose. Headlights can be switched between two modes or configurations: low beams and high beams. High beams radiate more light at a higher angle, letting the driver have a wider and longer range of visibility, but this may result to potentially blinding drivers of approaching vehicles.