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BMW Hood

Among the car parts that everyone may seem to notice first is the car's hood. It is the thing installed at the front area of a vehicle covering the car's engine, battery, radiator, alternator and the A/C condenser. But aside from that function, the hood's purpose is also to protect the car during collision, enhances aerodynamics and vented hoods makes it easier for the engine to breathe.

Because of this significant function, it is important that your BMW hood must be strong enough to protect the parts from the different road elements and collisions. Hoods may be made from fiberglass, race-weight fiberglass and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber. Carbon fiber hoods are only about one third of the weight of most car hoods. They are used for racing applications like the race-weight fiberglass hoods for they enhance aerodynamics of the vehicle. Nevertheless, fiberglass hoods are still much lighter compared to other car hoods made of sheet molding composite.

The inner panel and the outer panel comprise the car hoods. The inner panel provides strength to the entire hood while the outer panel serves as the skin which covers the parts underneath. There are hoods that are designed with an opening which is very useful to the car's engine because it allows air to pass through going directly to the air filter. These hood openings are called hood scoops.

BMW hoods may also provide a stylish statement to a BMW vehicle. A finely painted and finished hood can turn your BMW vehicle into a remarkable car you have always wished to drive. If you don't want your BMW vehicle looks just like the rest, accessorize it. Just make sure that it will not affect the original performance of your car. Your BMW hood also needs some extra pampering because it also gets a lot of stress, caused by air pressure.