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Brake Light Cover

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Fast-as-Flash Brake Light Cover Installation

Every part of a brake light assembly is important, most especially the cover, because its absence makes the assembly visually incomplete and aesthetically less appealing. A brake light cover ensures that the brake light lens is protected from mild rear collisions, thus preventing the lens from breaking immediately or from falling off. If you have deformed brake light covers and need them replaced, here is a guide on how to successfully carry out the installation of the new covers in less than fifteen minutes.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • Screwdriver
  • New brake light cover/s
  • Crowbar
  • Removing the screws

    Remove the screws that attach the brake light cover to the frame. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, these screws may be located right along the edges of the brake light or inside the car frame. Either way, make sure that all screws are kept so that the new brake light cover will be tightly secured in place.

    Removing the broken, faded, or severely scratched cover

    Using the tip of the screwdriver or crowbar, gently pop off the brake light cover from its place. Since you are replacing an old cover, you do not need to worry about the scratches that may further deface it.

    Installing the new brake light cover

    Place the new cover on the spot where the old one was removed from. Make sure that the fitment is perfect, and that the brake light lens is fully encased by the borders of the cover. Loosely thread each screw through the mounting hole, then slowly tighten with the screwdriver while guiding the cover with your free hand. Perform the same procedures for the other brake light cover.

    Tips and Warnings

    • It is advisable to replace the cover of both brake lights together in order to keep an even appearance. A new cover may appear cleaner and more polished than an old one, and this difference is all right if you can live with the fact that one of your brake light covers is old. If replacement is not sought for the still-working cover, cleaning the old cover with a plastic or aluminum polish will improve its shine.

    Brake Light Cover Articles

    • All Sales vs. V-Tech: Which Brand Gives More Benefits in Brake Light Covers?

      Looks and protection-these are just two criteria that manufacturers must meet in order to provide the best brake light covers for the market. All Sales and V-Tech, two known brake light cover makers in the industry, both want to outdo each other in terms of product quality, looks, and price. With each not wanting to bow down to the other, it is really difficult for buyers to choose the best product. Hence, here is a quick comparison to ease your shopping burden:

      Aesthetics and materials

      Both V-Tech and All Sales offer plastic as a material, so buying a brake light cover made from this already ensures that a touch of elegance and durability is added to the brake light. Both manufacturers offer chrome as a finish, which is known for its corrosion-resistance and sleek, clean look. However, V-Tech offers a paintable black finish, which allows you to customize a color for the cover. The advantage that All Sales has is that it offers aircraft-grade aluminum as another material. Offered in polished and brushed styles, the aluminum material provides a brake light cover that matches the general finish of your vehicle.

      WINNER:All Sales


      Brake light covers are usually sold at 40USD to 45USD, but you can get them at around 25USD to 35USD if you shop from discount stores. With the marked-down prices, you can have savings of about 15USD to 20USD. Give a few dollars to cover the shipping cost, the prices are still quite the same, but they are still a great deal for the budget-conscious. All Sales and V-Tech offer their brake light covers at prices that are really competitive.

      WINNER: All Sales and V-Tech


      V-Tech brake light covers are backed by a lifetime V-Tech limited warranty, while the same products from the competitor come with a 90-day All Sales limited warranty. With both makers offering warranty limitations, it is better to choose the one with a longer warranty coverage.



      Both V-Tech and All Sales brake light covers have unique qualities that are to go for. But the choice still lies on whether you want to buy looks over guarantee or vice versa. Protection becomes a lesser issue given that both plastic and aluminum are durable and resistant to the elements, not to mention being both aesthetically appealing.