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Brake Pad Sensor

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Other than the engine, the brakes are the auto parts that need to be in top shape if you want to enjoy safe driving. And as the components that actually stop the brake discs, and in effect, the wheels, the brake pads have to be perfectly functional too. Fortunately, your vehicle's braking system has a way of letting you know once the brake pads become too thin: the brake pad sensor. The brake pad sensor detects the amount of wear on the brake pads. The sensor activates a light on your vehicle's dashboard, alerting you in case the brake pads are too thin to function properly. Once the brake pad light on the dashboard starts to flicker, it only means that the brake pads need to be replaced. So never discount the importance of a brake pad sensor.Once your vehicle's stock sensor succumbs to damage, get a replacement from us.

• Easy brake pad-thinness checking device

• Sends accurate signals to the dashboard

• Equipped with a brake pad light for your convenient notification