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Bug Shield

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Bugs splattered on the hood? Prevent that from happening with a bug shield.
Do you love off-road adventures? Do the fresh air and the greenest of environments give you the time of your life? Well, how about bugs and roads insects? Yep, they are those few little things that can destroy your off-road shenanigans, especially if you find them splattered all over your auto windshield after a drive. You can clear them away for sure, but do you know that you can easily avoid them even before they cause the messy hassle? Consider getting a bug shield/ It can deflect all road elements, especially bugs, and keep them from leaving marks on your windshield.
Aside from repelling bugs, bug shields are also excellent wind deflectors. They direct the wind away from your windshield and hood, thus reducing drag in the process. Coming in nice colors and designs, they can also improve the overall appearance of your car. Each bug shield or bug guard is made with UV-resistant materials, so it can withstand the harshness of off-road weather conditions.
With bug shields, you can drive with confidence and enjoy more of your adventures on and off the road. Plus, with this part, you won't have to go to the car wash very often. The bug deflector is an easy find in online shops and local auto parts providers, offered at very reasonable prices.

Bug Shield Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Bug Shield

    Bug residue and chipped paintwork are some of the things that many car owners get annoyed about. Who can blame them, especially with the chipped paintwork that costs a lot to repair? Simply complaining about these things won't get them anywhere. It will just go on and on as long as they don't take appropriate action like installing a Bug Shield. This is a protective accessory that can wipe off these kinds of worries away. To provide protection, this accessory is installed right on the front-most portion of the hood, along the top of the grille and headlights. It is the perfect barrier for bugs, loose rocks, and dirt so they don't have a chance to reach and spatter all over the wide expanse of the hood. Protection is the primary benefit one can get from installing a Bug Shield in his car. Aesthetics would come after. A car will have a more dynamic appearance with this accessory. It is available in a variety of designs that will suit any SUV, sedan, and pickup truck. Investing in this protective and aesthetically-enhancing accessory is never a waste of money because it provides a long service life. Accounting for that are the high-quality materials that it's usually constructed from like platinum and heavy-duty polycarbonate sheet. With all the benefits provided by the Bug Shield any car owner will be glad he invested in one.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Bug Shield

    Making a trip towards the great outdoors? Be careful! You might just panic when bugs start splattering across your vehicle's windshield. Yes, if the great outdoors has one drawback, it's the fact that it can ruin your vehicle's clean, attractive appearance. You can avoid this nightmare by putting a tough bug shield on your vehicle's hood. Also known as bug deflector, a bug shield is among the easiest accessory you can install on your vehicle. Once installed, it deflects bugs and even small stones, protecting the vehicle's hood and windshield from damaging chips and dirt. So before you head for the great outdoors, make sure your vehicle's fully-equipped those pesky insects. Install a premium bug shield that you can get from our catalog.

    • A bug shield protects your vehicle's windshield and paint job from accumulating dead bugs.

    • A bug shield promotes safety by keeping the windshield free of debris, leaving you with a clear view of the road.

    • Product installation can be accomplished quickly with some hand tools.