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Buick Lacrosse Tail Light Assembly

Common Problems with the Buick Lacrosse Tail Light Assembly

The Buick Lacrosse is one of the most popular luxury sedans under General Motors ever since it debuted back in 2004. It's a great looking vehicle, but it also has its share of common problems. One of the things that you need to check from time to time would be your Buick Lacrosse tail light assembly. You wouldn't want to get caught driving with a broken turn signal or with flickering tail lights at night. Faulty tail lights and turn signals are easy to troubleshoot and repair, so check out our guide and find out how.

Check your bulbs

Burned out bulbs are probably the easiest problems to diagnose when it comes to tail lights. You'll probably notice it even more if only one light stops working. You simply have to remove the tail light from its mount and check if the filament inside is broken or burnt. You can't repair this so it's best to buy a replacement right away.

Replace a blown fuse

When you check your tail light's bulbs and find out that they're perfectly fine, then you need to look at your vehicle's fuse box next. This is more obvious if the entire tail light assembly won't light up. Just like when inspecting your tail light bulb, you'll need to look at your fuse to see if the thin metal strip inside it is broken. Simply replace the fuse and test your lights again to see if this solves the problem. You'd want to consult your vehicle's manual so you could easily find the fuse that's connected to your tail lights for a quick and easy repair job.

Faulty wiring

Once you've checked the tail light bulbs and fuse, then the last part that you'll need to check would be the wiring for your vehicle's tail light assembly. You'd want to begin with the connectors that are attached to your vehicle's tail light, to see if they've come loose or have dirty contacts. Over time, the connectors can come loose when you hit a bump or hole on the road. Dirt and grime can also get into the metal contacts and affect their conductivity. Simply clean the contacts and insert the connectors tightly to see if this solves the problem. Otherwise, you might need to use a multimeter or test light to check the electrical connections in your tail lights to see if you have a broken connection or a loose wire.

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  • Cleaning Your Buick Lacrosse Tail Light Assembly

    A luxury vehicle like your Buick Lacrosse needs to look at its best all the time. One area that's often looked at when it comes to a luxury car would be the lights, so it's important that you keep these well maintained as well. A good place to start would be to clean your Buick Lacrosse tail light assembly, not just to keep it looking great but to also make sure that the lights are working properly every time you drive. Here are some useful tips on keeping your tail lights clean the quick and easy way.

    Cleaning and shining your tail light assembly

    Cleaning your tail lights is pretty easy as you could simply scrub them clean whenever you're washing your car. But to really make them shine, you'd want to use some plastic cleaner and buff your tail lights with a rotary tool. This will make your tail lights clearer and shinier at the same time. If you don't have a rotary tool with a buffing attachment, you can simply buff them manually with a lint-free cloth and get the same results.

    Don't forget to clean the insides as well

    Cleaning and shining your tail lights is easy, but maintaining the interior area of your tail light assembly is hard work. You don't have to clean the inside are regularly, but once you notice some moisture buildup, then you'd want to open your tail lights to get rid of the moisture and plug up the leak that led to it in the first place. Moisture will not only limit the brightness of your bulbs, but it can also short circuit your wires.

    Get rid of oxidation

    If you don't clean your tail light assembly regularly, the plastic cover might suffer from oxidation from repeated exposure to the elements. This can make your lights harder to see at night, so you'll need to get rid of it ASAP. Most of the time, a quick buff using some plastic cleaner should do the trick, but of the oxidation is heavy and thick, then you'll need to sand it out with sandpaper. To prevent oxidation from happening, you simply need to clean and shine your tail lights regularly as show above.