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Buick Oxygen Sensor

The Buick oxygen sensor is a very small component that helps to regulate the fuel and air mixture that is necessary to the engine for the combustion process. The engine needs a precise balance of both fuel and air to function at its best, burning the fuel cleanly to produce the most efficient power and performance. The Buick oxygen sensor is most often found in the exhaust pipe, where it is used to detect the amount of oxygen left in the exhaust emissions after engine combustion, to determine whether the fuel has burned as efficiently as it should. The Buick oxygen sensor sends its information to the vehicle computer, transmitting the level of oxygen present in the exhaust using a voltage signal that is produced by a chemical reaction within the sensor. The vehicle computer uses this signal to determine the adjustment necessary in the fuel and air mixture, and change it accordingly. This constant process of monitoring by the Buick oxygen sensor and adjusting the fuel air ratio is made necessary by the ever-changing level of oxygen concentration in the air. The level of oxygen changes due to many factors, such as temperature, elevation and the load placed on the engine. If the Buick oxygen sensor is unable to perform its function, sending no signal to the vehicle computer, it will usually default to a rich mixture of fuel and air, which can cause performance problems and poor fuel economy. Our online catalog features a selection of quality Buick oxygen sensor replacements at very reasonable prices. Ordering your Buick oxygen sensor is always safe and easy on our secure site, or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient.