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Buick Park Avenue Ball Joint

Signs of a Worn Buick Park Avenue Ball Joint

Steering control is a very crucial feature in any automobile. Your car would basically be worthless without it. With this in mind, you need to take special care of your steering and suspension parts. This includes your ball joint. This is a chassis component that connects the control arms of your wheels to the steering knuckles. Eventually, it displays signs of wear and need of replacement. With this, you have to pay extra attention to this part. Otherwise, you would find yourself unable to control your car in the middle of a freeway. Following are some of these signs.

Play in steering and suspension components

The best step to take to be certain that your ball joint is worn out is to jack up your car. If your ball joint and socket are worn, you would notice that it has become smaller. This is coupled with play in the different components that are connected to it. You would notice different loose parts when you turn your steering wheel. These loose parts may be the ball joint, tie rod, or idler arm.

Steering noises

A common sign of a worn out Buick Park Avenue ball joint is noises. It may start with clicking and popping sounds and vibrations from the steering wheel and increases into loud clunks on the actual ball joint location once it gets worse. The noises are very obvious when taking turns or driving through a bump. This is because the weight of the car is being transferred from the wheel to your ball joint.

Tire wear

Your ball joint does not only carry the weight of your whole car's body; it also affects the position of your wheels. When your ball joint is worn out, it slightly changes the positions of the control arms and the wheels. If this happens, the tires may not be touching the road well. This results in uneven tire wear wherein the edges of the tires wear out earlier compared to the middle portions.

Steering problems

Steering problems are the most serious signs of a worn out ball joint. This happens when the steering mechanism does not work smoothly because of your worn Buick Park Avenue Ball Joint. When the wear gets worse, the driver would have total control loss of the car's steering.

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  • How to Make Your Buick Park Avenue Ball Joint Last

    Your ball joint functions by carrying the whole weight of your car. Also, it is the chassis component that connects your steering knuckles to your control arms. Because it is subject to a lot of abuse, your ball joint eventually wears and needs replacement. It can last from 70,000 to 150,000 miles depending on the road condition, your driving style, and its exposure to dirt. Needless to say, you want your ball joint to last as long as it can. The basic points to remember are to keep it lubricated and clean. Following are some ways you can do so.

    Regularly lubricate your Buick Park Avenue ball joint.

    Lubrication is important to a chassis component such as your ball joint because it works on smooth connections with other parts. Rough connections and operations make your ball joint wear easier. With this, you need to make sure your ball joint is well-greased by lubricating it from time to time. However, you need to make sure your ball joint is serviceable as there are non-serviceable ones available in the market. These ball joints are greased for the whole of their service lives and do not require lubrication at all.

    Do not apply excessive grease on your ball joint.

    It is advisable to regularly grease your ball joint. However, be careful in applying too much grease. The regular greasing procedure on most car parts is to keep on applying grease until the old grease seeps out of the fitting. This is not the case with your ball joint. When you apply too much grease, your ball joint's grease fitting would tear, allowing entry of contaminants into the ball joint. With this, two or three pumps of your grease gun is enough in lubricating your ball joint.

    Clean the grease fitting before lubricating your Buick Park Avenue ball joint.

    The grease fitting in your ball joint allows the use of grease gun on the joint. The fitting should be free of any kind of dirt that may contaminate your ball joint. These contaminants may enter your ball joint and cause early wear. The tip of your grease gun may do this. While you are pumping grease into the ball joint, small particles from the fitting may be introduced into the internal parts. With this, you should clean your grease fitting before greasing your ball joint.