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Buick Regal Fender

Many say that the Buick Regal will be remembered for its exceptionally long and diverse career. Its career was exceptionally long because the vehicle model was produced and sold for more than 30 years. Its career was also diverse because in those 30 years, the vehicle had been a mid-size personal luxury car once, a high performance race car in another period, and before its demise, a successful large sedan in the Asian automotive market. Not many vehicle models can really claim the same feat that Buick Regal has accomplished.

But despite a lot of changes in design and performance specs, the Buick Regal remained to be a real Buicka car that radiates luxuriousness not only by its features but also by the way it looks. This, of course, would largely be credited to the creatively crafted sheet metal body panel parts that the vehicle was equipped with. And among the elegant body panel parts that the Buick Regal has are the Buick Regal fenders.

The fenders are the body panel parts or body shells on the side portion of the vehicle, running from the front corner of the hood all the way to the forward edges of the front doors. Stock Buick Regal fenders are made from sheet metal; usually the same type of material used for the vehicle's other body parts. Exquisitely designed, original Buick Regal fenders complement with the luxurious style of the other body panel parts of the car.

Today, you can find a lot of replacement Buick Regal fenders available in the automotive market, especially if you will browse through the websites of the major online auto parts suppliers. What will you need these fenders for? Well, if you are not careful enough to avoid even the most minor frontal collisions, you'll surely need to have your front quarter panels replaced. Impact on a vehicle's bumper would normally bend the sheet metal at the edge of the fender, that's why these kinds of collisions are also called "fender benders".

Aside from the replacements in case of "fender benders", there are also custom Buick Regal fenders that can be used to restyle your Buick Regal. Most of these fenders are made of fiberglass and features vents and flares for added stylishness.

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