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Buick Regal License Plate Frame

Buick Regal License Plate Frame Problems and the Reasons behind Them

All vehicles, including your Buick Regal, are required by the federal government to have a registered license plate for identification purposes. Although the design and structure of these license plates vary from one state to another, all vehicle owners are expected to place the license plates on their vehicles' front and rear portions to guarantee maximum visibility. Apart from keeping the plate visible at all times, it is also your responsibility as a car owner to make sure that the digits and characters printed your vehicle's license plate are clear enough for others to see. Good thing your Buick Regal is equipped with a sturdy license plate frame. The frame not only makes a stylish accessory for the license plate but also protects it from damage. However, as your Buick Regal license plate frame approaches the end of its service life, you'll soon notice some obvious signs of wear. Here are some of them:

Physical damage

Your Buick Regal license plate frame's location makes it vulnerable to physical damage, which is often caused by head-on and rear-end collisions. Minor cracks on the surface of the frame can still be repaired using commercial sealing agents, but if the frame is smashed into pieces during a road accident, you have no other choice but to replace it with a new one. Cracks are more common among license plate frames made of ABS plastic. As for the frames made from zinc, aluminum, brass, or metal, dents and rust accumulation are the usual forms of damage. Dents are acquired mostly during accidents, while rust buildup is triggered by constant exposure to harmful elements like rain, snow, heat, and humidity. Others sign of deterioration, which are applicable to both steel and plastic license plate frames, are paint chipping and color fading. These problems often come with the frames' age. All these forms of physical damage can be prevented through proper maintenance, but if your Buick Regal already has any of these problems, you can choose to either repair or replace your stock.

Annoying noise

Clunking and flapping noises from your Buick Regal's license plate frame are often caused by loose mounting screws. When these screws or brackets become loose, the frame gets partially detached from your vehicle's rear. The frame's movements, especially the banging against the license plate itself, create these annoying and embarrassing noises that you hear every time you drive your Buick. The license plate's mounting brackets usually get loose every time the vehicle hits a road bump. If this is the case, you can just re-tighten them back in place. However, if the mounting screws are damaged because of oxidation or old age, you need to replace them immediately.

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  • Easy Care Tips for Your Buick Regal License Plate Frame

    Your Buick Regal license plate frame is not only important in enhancing the vehicle's aesthetics but also in protecting and emphasizing the license plate. That's why it's best if you keep your vehicle's license plate frame in excellent condition. To help you out with this, here are some of the most effective but very easy maintenance tips for your Buick Regal license plate frame:

    Lubricate the mounting screws.

    The mounting screws or brackets of your Buick Regal license plate frame may collect rust and corrode over time. These problems are often caused by the license plate frame's constant exposure to harmful elements like rain, snow, heat, humidity, dust, and other road debris. If you want to keep your frame's body and mounting screws rust-free, you need to lubricate them regularly. You can use WD-40 or other types of lubricant, which are available in most hardware or car accessories stores. Just remember to purchase a lubricant that is compatible with the material of your license plate frame to avoid surface damage.

    Clean and polish the license plate frame.

    Whether it is made from ABS plastic or metal, it is important to clean and polish the frame of your vehicle's license plate regularly. Keeping it clean and shiny will not only prevent rust accumulation on its screws and surface, but it will also help maintain the frame's finish and good looks. You can use the usual soap-and-water solution to clean the license plate assembly. However, you need to remember that brushes with hard bristles can make the characters on your license plate fade. Because of this, you'd better use a clean rag or a soft sponge in scrubbing the license plate and its frame. In polishing the frame, you can use any waxing agent just as long as it is suitable for the frame's material (whether it's plastic or metal).

    Upgrade and customize.

    Another way to keep your vehicle's license plate frame in good condition is by customizing or upgrading it. You can repaint the frame, so it will match the color of your Buick Regal's body. You also have the option to personalize it by painting your preferred design or pattern on the old frame's surface. If you have extra budget to spare, you can purchase some neon-colored LED strips for your vehicle's license plate frame. These lighting strips are relatively cheap, and they can be easily attached around the edges of your old license plate frame. You can also purchase a frame that comes with a plastic case that completely envelops your license plate.