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Buick Rendezvous Cabin Air Filter

Helpful Tips to Deal With the Effects of a Blocked Buick Rendezvous Cabin Air Filter

You always need to check your Buick Rendezvous cabin air filter in order to see if it already needs some cleaning or replacement and make sure that the air that flows into your cabin is safe for breathing. But if for some reason you forgot about your filter, be prepared for the possible effects. But don't worry because you can follow some simple tips in dealing with these filter problems:


If you suffer from allergies, you may want to regularly clean or change your cabin air filter to avoid risking your health while inside your car. This is because when your filter becomes covered by excessive dust, pollens, and other allergens, some of these particles will get released into the cabin, which may only trigger your allergies. Besides replacing or cleaning your cabin air filter, you can buy a filter that is designed to filter allergens much better and prevent them from flowing into your cabin through the air. This way, you can be sure that you'll be driving comfortably.


Your windows can get misted over time due to the severely reduced air flow from the blocked cabin air filter. When too much dust and other particles get collected in its porous material, the filter will only have so little space for outside air to pass through. When your windows begin to mist, driving will be difficult since it will be quite impossible to see what's ahead of you. This can even cost you your life. To make sure that your windows won't suffer, clean your cabin air filter for efficient air flow.


If you leave your blocked cabin air filter installed on your car, you will most likely notice mildew and mold starting to develop inside your car, especially on the upholstery. While this won't have a direct effect on your car's driving performance, this can make your car an unhealthy place to be in. Besides removing your blocked cabin air filter and later on cleaning or replacing it, you will also need to clean the interior of your car and repair any damaged areas on the upholstery. If you choose to shrug this problem off, you will surely need costlier repairs as compared to a simple and affordable cabin air filter replacement.

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  • Simple Tips to Clean Your Buick Rendezvous Cabin Air Filter

    If you want safe, breathable air inside your car, then better clean your Buick Rendezvous cabin air filter. Just make sure that you do this with care to avoid damaging it. To help you properly clean your cabin air filter, here are some maintenance tips:

    Shake dust and debris off.

    You can simply shake your filter to remove dust and other particles that get trapped there. Make sure that you remove by hand any object like leaves or twigs that get caught in between the filter pleats. Remember, though, to wear protective goggles and a dust mask before you start doing this to prevent you from inhaling harmful particles like pollens and allergens.

    Vacuum the filter pleats.

    Even if you have shaken your filter, you still need to vacuum it, especially along the pleats, to effectively remove any trapped particle there. Remember, though, to be extra careful when vacuuming it because you will have to replace the filter if you damage the pleats even if the tear is just small.

    Gently brush the filter.

    You can use a brush with soft and fine bristles as alternative for cleaning your filter. In this way, the chances of damaging the porous material are less as compared to using a vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, you should still be careful.

    Spray with a filter cleaner.

    If you can spare more time in cleaning your cabin air filter, you can spray its dirty side with a filter cleaner, and let it sit there for 10 minutes. Take note, however, that you shouldn't let the filter cleaner dry on the filter because the cleaning solution can damage the material, which will have to be replaced after. Also, don't forget to rinse it with water using a low-pressure water spray starting from the upper half of the pleats down to the bottom. Then you can let it air dry.

    Coat the filter with oil.

    To make it more effective in trapping unwanted particles, you can coat the porous material with filter oil spray. Just remember that you need to let it sit on the material for 20 minutes. And in case you find areas that aren't covered in oil, you can coat them again.