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Buick Wildcat Parts and Buick Wildcat Accessories

As the muscle car era entered, several car manufacturers like the Chevrolet, Chrysler, Pontiac, and Ford notably produced large displacement engines to answer the call for big and lean cars. Shortly after, Buick followed with their version of rev-pumping vehicle.

Buick came up with the brand new model called Buick Wildcat or officially known as Buick Wildcat Sports Coupe in 1962. It is their first performance car but more of a luxury car. This model began Buick's quest for power and speed. The Wildcat was entered as a full-size vehicle based on the Century/Invicta theme. It is smaller and lighter than its predecessors but still posses their power. The Wildcat came with front bucket seats, a console, tachometer, and a rear floor lamp. Under the hood comes the LT401 V8 engine capable of producing 325 hp at 4400 rpm
The second year of the Wildcat included some minor styling changes. The name was now scripted on the rear fender within the rear cove, and across the front of the hood. A custom grille accented the hood. It came with 401 cid V8 engine rated at 325 hp. Three trims were made during this year: Model 4639 which outsold the two door model by a wide margin (the four-door hardtop), Model 4647 (the two-door sport coupe), and Model 4667 (the two-door convertible).

As the years progressed so with the increase of production of the Buick Wildcat. The 1966 model had 68,584 units made, a considerable increase from 1963 production of just 6,021 units. At this year, the Wildcats was basically the same from the previews year except from the addition of the Wildcat Custom which included a deluxe steering wheel, padded armrests, plusher seat materials, and custom bucket seats. The engine was upgraded to 401 V8, 425 V8, and the most powerful among the three, the 425 V8 (2x4) that can give up to 380 hp.

At the last year of the Wildcat in 1970, Buick gave it with the best respect housing it with all new 455 cid V8, rated at 370 hp and an impressive 510 lb-ft of torque. With the appearance and performance much like the LeSabre, the Wildcat last year produced only 23,619 units.