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Cadillac CTS Headlight Assembly

What's Wrong With the Cadillac CTS Headlight Assembly?

When dusk sets in, the first thing that a driver should do is to switch on the headlights. Even though you practically use this every night whenever you drive on your way home, it's quite inevitable for the Cadillac CTS headlight assembly to falter. It could be because it hasn't been inspected for a long time or the assembly is filled with dirt. Either way, the best thing you can do is to troubleshoot it whether or not you should already have it replaced.

Foggy headlight assembly

It's inevitable for the headlight assembly to become fogged up especially with the road and weather condition. The lens of the assembly is the one affected directly and this can get damaged especially if too much moisture has built up. Dirt and debris that enter can also obstruct the flow of light from the assembly. You can always get this cleaned, but if you want it to look good as new, then the best thing to do is to replace the lens so that the whole Cadillac Cts headlight assembly can give its optimum brightness.

Flickering headlight assembly

There are a lot of reasons why the headlight assembly flickers on and off; it can be caused by a loose light bulb. Check if the bulb is securely in place; otherwise, carefully adjust it in the socket. If that's not the case, it may be because of an electrical problem. The wirings have probably loosened, thus interrupting the flow of the current. Go to a mechanic and have this inspected and repaired.

Dimming headlight assembly

Dimming is normal especially when you haven't replaced the headlight assembly. It happens when a strain is placed on the car's electrical system. Sometimes, the headlights dim when the electrical systems, such as automatic windows and radio, are working at the same time. The culprit here is a weak alternator. If this happens, the battery would lose power to and later on cause the headlights to dim. The best thing to do is to replace the battery of your Cadillac CTS or the alternator so that you won't have to experience a dimming headlight assembly.

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  • Maintaining a Clean Cadillac CTS Headlight Assembly

    The headlight assembly is a very important car part especially since this must be switched on when night turns in. It's quite dangerous to drive at night when the headlights are off. Because of the different road conditions and weather, the Cadillac CTS headlight assembly becomes all fogged up and moisture starts to build up, causing the headlights to falter. But, you can at least try to do proper upkeep by following some of these useful tips.

    Cleaning tips:

    Get rid of grime and debris.

    In the headlight assembly, it's the lens that usually gets dirty. An inexpensive way to clean it is by washing it with water and detergent. This will let you wash the grime and bugs off the lenses.

    Get rid of discoloration.

    Discoloration is also unavoidable. To get rid of this, you can clean the lens with 1000-grit wet⁄dry sandpaper and a wet sponge. You'd be able to easily clean it and get rid of the hazing, allowing your headlight assembly to shine brighter.

    Polish the headlight lenses.

    The headlight assembly gets worn out in time and not just because of the bulb, but also the lenses. The lens of the headlight is the one that gets hit directly and will get all dirty. If it has a lot of scratches, you can refurbish it by polishing it with rubbing compound that you can just buy from an auto parts store. Rub it until you get the desired luster.

    Other tips:

    Check the light bulb.

    When inspecting the headlight assembly, make sure to check on the light bulb if it's still working. If it's a little loose, tighten it to its socket. If it's not working, then you'd better replace it with a new one. Remember to be careful when working with the bulb because it's very fragile.

    Check the wiring.

    When you do you regular checkups with the headlight assembly, check the wiring. Make sure that there are no loose connections or broken wires. Otherwise, you'll have to replace them with new ones so that you can still switch on the headlight assembly when it gets dark.