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Cadillac Escalade Fender

Common Reasons behind Cadillac Escalade Fender Problems

Aside from the Cadillac Escalade's tough SUV frame, its fenders provide a resilient defense for the wheel openings against accumulation of external elements such as rust, mud, and road debris. Despite the car's sturdiness, the fenders will eventually give in to wear and tear and cause various problems such as rust holes and brittleness. If you think your fenders are not as efficient as they used to be, then better do some troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the most common fender problems encountered with the Cadillac Escalade and the reasons behind them.

Presence of rusting and rust holes

During a visual inspection on your automobile, look out for signs of rusting on the fenders. When left unattended, fender rust can develop holes that will strongly reduce the parts' durability. These rust holes are easily identifiable because they leave an ugly spot on the fenders. These holes may seem unimportant but they actually have a huge impact on your driving safety in case of a collision. Luckily, diagnosing and fixing rust holes is fairly easy and requires basic mechanical skills only.

Peeling fender paint

Peeling or flaking on the fender's paint is fairly common in newly replaced car fenders. You can simply find signs of peeling by visually inspecting your vehicle. These signs are usually manifested in uneven paint patterns, which is caused by an uneven fender surface. Fenders need to be cleansed properly before painting to promote adhesion and failing to do so will only aggravate the defective paint job. In addition, the use of fine grain sand paper and spray-on primer coating helps in adhesion. Also, be sure to wear a respirator when performing repair to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

Scratches, dents, and fender benders

Scratches and cracks on your car's fenders are unavoidable. Usually, these signs are a result of fender benders or minor collisions. Fortunately, these kinds of fender deformities are easily detectable and are also easily addressed. Dented or cracked fenders can be reformed back into shape by welding. However, bear in mind that performing a DIY repair should only be done if you have enough knowledge on the fenders' material. Do not attempt to do repair if you are not that familiar or knowledgeable about the type or the material your fenders are made of.

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  • Tips for Cleaning Your Cadillac Escalade Fenders

    A well maintained and regularly cleaned fender gives your Cadillac SUV a plus in its distinctive, classy appeal. In fact, keeping your SUV's fenders in good shape is not only an aesthetic benefit but also a functional one because when these parts are kept in its optimum condition, expect a stronger resistance against mud deposits, dirt, and even rust and corrosion. But before you get ready to sponge the dirt off your fenders, take note of the following cleaning tips listed below:Cleaning tips

    • Know where to clean and when to clean
    • It is advisable to clean the fenders only after the vehicle is left to cool down. Be sure to park the car in a cool, shady area because failing to do so could result to wheel well damage. In addition, cleaning should be done once in a week or two, depending on where you have driven the Escalade.
    • Use the right types of cleaners and brushes
    • Even if the car fenders are built with a sturdy frame, the paint job is quite delicate. So, it is important to select the right type of cleaners and brushes when scrubbing the dirty parts. A good set of cleaning materials should include a pressure washer and a long handle brush with soft bristles for more flexibility. As an additional tip, dilute the car wash products and materials with water because some cleaners are engineered with strong chemicals that may damage fender material and hasten fender wearing.
    • Do not forget the wheel wells
    • When cleaning your Cadillac Escalade's fenders, be sure to not forget the inner area because it can also become covered in dirt and grime. The wheel wells of the car's fender if left unmaintained can cause early deterioration because of the accumulation of harmful elements, which in turn causes rust and rust holes.
    • Set time to dry
    • Setting time to dry after washing and cleaning is just as important as allowing your vehicle to cool down before cleaning. You see, this drying time should be performed to avoid water spots. A synthetic drying cloth or a rubber squeegee gets the job done well.