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Cadillac Escalade Oil Filter

Signs Showing Cadillac Escalade Oil Filter Problems

The oil filter in your Cadillac Escalade is a crucial component that keeps your engine in good condition. It catches the particles in the motor oil that lubricates the engine components. These particles are possible contaminants that can ruin and damage the different engine parts. This means that you should pay close attention to your oil filter to prevent the engine from incurring serious damage. Following are some common signs that indicate your oil filter is having some issues.

Leaking oil

One of the most common Cadillac Escalade oil filter problems is clogging. This takes place when the oil filter is already full of particles that came from the used motor oil that passed through it. A clogged oil filter will burst on high temperature. This will make the oil leak back into the pan, which will eventually overflow. If this occurs, the oil pump will not have enough oil to circulate and lubricate the engine parts. If you have discovered an oil leak in the engine block, you better check your oil filter and other components under the hood before serious engine problems take place.

"Check Engine" warning

An engine problem signal in your dashboard is a sign that one of your engine parts is malfunctioning. A probable cause of this problem is a clogged oil filter. This happens when the oil filter bursts, letting motor oil-together with dirt and particles from the filter-enter the engine block and contaminate different components. Once this symptom occurs, the oil filter will be a good place to start checking. Unfortunately, you will not be able to detect a burst oil filter until a more noticeable symptom or a warning signal occurs. This is where regular inspection of the oil filter will be helpful.

Engine block high temperature

Since the main purpose of the motor oil is to lubricate the different engine parts, a damaged filter will generate more heat all throughout the engine block. The engine components are made of metal. More so, they are often rubbing against each other. These two are the perfect combination in producing high friction. Add the lack of lubrication to the equation and overheating will take place under your hood. Your Cadillac Escalade oil filter may be small, but it poses a lot of danger to your luxury car if you neglect it.

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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Cadillac Escalade Oil Filter

    Many experts say that the motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine. If that is so, your Cadillac Escalade oil filter is the liver of your engine. The filter sifts the large particles of the oil, keeping it from entering the engine block and causing problems to the different parts. This suggests that the oil filter is all about cleanliness. Therefore, it should be safe from problems and clogging to keep the engine clean and cool. Following are some simple ways on how to do this.

    • Make sure the oil filter is not installed too tightly.
    • A base gasket is found at the bottom of your oil filter assembly. This part is the one that holds the whole filter to the engine block. Once the base gasket is damaged, it can make the filter fall off from the engine, ceasing oil circulation. A good way to prevent this problem is by applying less stress on the gasket. You can do this by making sure that it is not installed too tightly onto the engine block. A good way to be sure is by mounting the whole oil filter assembly with the use of your hand rather than through a wrench.
    • Use the correct motor oil for your engine.
    • Needless to say, a good oil is equivalent to longer filter life. While your Cadillac Escalade oil filter only has a maximum of 3,000 miles in it, you can make the most out of this lifespan by having good-quality motor oil flowing around your engine. You can make sure an oil brand is of good quality if you a see the starburst symbol. This indicates that the oil has been tested by the American Petroleum Institute. Another good way is by checking the correct viscosity of the oil.
    • Replace the oil filter everytime you get an oil change.
    • Oil change is necessary to make sure your luxury car's engine is working in its optimum. Whenever you do your oil change, it is very much advisable to have your oil filter replaced as well. Unfortunately, it is an imperative to replace your oil filter often. This is because there is a large possibility that it is already clogged. More so, new oil may be less effective if it passes through the old and dirty oil filter.