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Cadillac Fleetwood Floor Mats

Diagnosing and Fixing Common Cadillac Floor Mat Problems

The floor mats for the Cadillac Fleetwood are hassle-free accessories that you're supposed to place and forget on the car's floor. But they also have their own share of problems. In this guide, we will give you a brief overview of common Chevrolet Fleetwood floor mat problems and how to troubleshoot them.

The mat doesn't fit

The most common and often the first problem Cadillac Fleetwood owners encounter with floor mats is that they do not fit in the floor of the vehicle. This problem typically occurs in universal-fit floor mats, as they are meant to be used in a variety of car makes and may not conform to the distinct nooks and crannies of the Fleetwood. We strongly recommend against using ill-fitting floor mats especially those in the driver's side, as these can hamper the movement of the foot pedals and increase the risk of accidents. Cutting the floor mats can usually solve this problem, although it's better to invest instead on a custom-fit floor mat that matches the dimensions of the Fleetwood.h


Whether it's oil or orange juice, stains are another common headache for floor mats. Stains can make even the most intricately-designed floor mats look ugly, and certain chemical stains may corrode the floor mat itself. Cleaning such spills on the floor mat depends on the type of stain it is. For mild stains such as those from beverages can usually be removed using water and detergent, while deep, thicker stains like oil and tar may need peanut butter, linseed oil or a special cleaning product to remove. Make sure to refer to the floor mat's packaging to see which cleaning products are safe to use on the mat.

Crusty mat surfaces

Floor mats tend to acquire a white, crusty surface during the winter months due to road salt applied on slick, snow-covered roads. Unlike mud and conventional road debris, road salt cannot be washed away effectively by detergent and, if left untreated, will result in the deterioration of the mat itself. Salt-encrusted floor mats must first be vacuumed to remove any large deposits, followed by soaking and scrubbing with vinegar and water, and final washing with car shampoo. We also recommend covering carpeted floor mats with rubber or plastic covering afterwards to reduce the accumulation of road salt on the fabric.

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  • How to Maintain Cadillac Fleetwood Floor Mats

    The floor mats for the Cadillac Fleetwood are meant to take on a lot of abuse, but without proper maintenance they will wear out quite quickly. The winter season can be particularly hard for Cadillac Fleetwood floor mats, as come springtime the floor mats tend to accumulate lots of mud, salt and sand. However, with frequent and proper maintenance the floor mats can retain its vibrancy even after years of use. In this article, we're going to list some of the simple yet effective tips on maintaining your Cadillac Fleetwood floor mats.

    Shake the floor mats clean every day.

    If you have the time, take out the mats from the vehicle and shake them thoroughly at least once a day. Doing so will remove any loose dirt and other debris and prevent it from accumulating into a thick, hard-to-clean crust.

    Use theimmersiontechnique when cleaning the mats.

    There are many ways to clean car floor mats, but one that we found to be quite effective is theimmersiontechnique. First, use a scraper to remove any heavy debris followed by several passes of the vacuum. Next, take a large, clean container and fill it with warm water and detergent. Soak the mats in this solution overnight, and work over each mat with a stiff brush the next day. Rinse the container and fill it with clean water, and re-immerse the mats and let them rinse overnight. You can let the mats air-dry or dry it with a wet/dry vacuum. ideally, the mats should be hung to dry for at least a week in order to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

    Skip the washer and dryer.

    One of the common mistakes car owners make is to use their washer and dryer to clean their car's floor mats. Floor mats are not designed to handle the prolonged agitation and abrasion from a washing machine, and this will only cause the floor mats to wear out and fade quicker. Instead, clean the floor mats by hand or have it done in a car wash instead.

    Additional cleaning tips:

    Avoid using chlorinated detergent in washing floor mats as these can cause the color to fade out.

    When drying the floor mats in the sun, orient the carpet side away from the sunlight to protect it against degrading UV rays.

    If you plan to have your mats cleaned at a mat cleaner machine in your local car wash, scrape the mats free of heavy debris first as these may not be fully removed by the machine.