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Cadillac Knock Sensor

As you drive your Cadillac, the computer controlling the engine is constantly learning your driving habits and the driving conditions, and adjusting the amount of air and fuel that is pumped into the combustion chambers. The computer has many safeguards that allow it to do this without causing damage to the engine, and one of these is the Cadillac knock sensor. If the ratio of fuel to air is wrong, and the engine starts knocking, the Cadillac knock sensor alerts the computer to the problem, so that adjustments can be made. It is actually a small piezoelectric device, which can be used as a microphone or a speaker. When the engine beings to knock, caused by fuel detonation, it sends vibrations through the engine block, where the Cadillac knock sensor can sense them. The vibrations shake a special crystal that produces electricity when disturbed. The signal goes from the Cadillac knock sensor to the computer, and the computer makes the necessary adjustments. After many years, the Cadillac knock sensor may cease to function. When that happens, the computer will no longer be able to set the correct ratio and the performance and fuel mileage of the engine will suffer. Fortunately, the computer will notify you with a warning light in most cases. Within the pages of our convenient online catalog, you will find the correct version of the Cadillac knock sensor for most vehicles, and it is available at a great price. It meets all of the quality standards of the original unit and it has a full warranty. You may order the Cadillac knock sensor by phone, toll-free, or through our secure online ordering system.