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Cadillac Oxygen Sensor

While the engine of your Cadillac is running, it produces a large amount of chemicals that could be very damaging to the environment, if they were allowed to escape into the open air. Fortunately, your vehicle has an entire system devoted to lowering those emissions, and central to this system is the Cadillac oxygen sensor. After the fuel is burned in the engine, a substantial amount of it escapes into the exhaust, intact. The Cadillac oxygen sensor is designed to sense these dangerous leftovers, and it is placed directly after the catalytic converter. Using a small amount of platinum to start a chemical reaction, the catalytic converter is responsible for burning the rest of the fuel. If there are too many emissions in the exhaust, the Cadillac oxygen sensor sends a signal to the engine's computer. The computer will try to compensate by adjusting the amount of air and fuel that is sent into the engine. When the Cadillac oxygen sensor fails to send a signal at all, the computer cannot set the levels correctly and it will alert the driver to the problem with a warning light. When you need to replace the Cadillac oxygen sensor, you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our convenient online catalog, for a great price. It is constructed to meet or exceed the quality standards of the original part and it will be a direct replacement. Our Cadillac oxygen sensor will perform well for many years, assisting proper combustion and helping to protect the environment. When you are ready to order the Cadillac oxygen sensor, you can do so by phone, toll-free, or through our convenient web site.