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Keeping your head cool is very important if you want to stay focused and perform your job exceptionally well. When you have a hot head, chances are you'll crack under pressure, make all the wrong decisions and ultimately explode in a fit of rage. The same thing happens to your car when its engine overheats. When an engine overheats, it momentarily loses its ability to perform its tasks and run the vehicle. Once you fail to notice that your engine's temperature is going off the charts, then something in your Thermostat assembly may already be broken.

If you notice your temperature gauge slightly going over that line in the middle, there may be something seriously wrong with your thermostat assembly. Once the temperature exceeds the normal mark, stop your vehicle immediately and let the engine cool down for a bit before bringing it back on the road. Do not put off replacing your vehicle's thermostat with a high quality replacement like the Calorstat Thermostat Assembly. The Thermostat is mainly responsible for allowing the coolant to circulate while the engine warms up. Without it, your car can overheat causing costly engine repairs. One of our most trusted brands is the Calorstat Thermostat Assembly-- this is the little guy that you want to get as replacement for your old thermostat device.

Calorstat also manufactures dependable thermostat for the airbox or air intake chamber. This little device, which usually looks like a small spark plug, sends information to the car's ECU which then uses it to adjust the air/fuel mix according to the outside air temperature. This information plays a big role in your car's fuel efficiency as it determines how much fuel your car's engine will mix with air to obtain optimum results. With years of research and experience to back it up, you can count on the Calorstat Airbox Thermostat to make very accurate readings for optimized engine performance and fuel efficiency.