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The camshaft is a shaft to which cams are fastened. Camshafts are used to control the timing and rhythm of the movements of the valves in an internal combustion engine by physically opening and closing them (with the help of return-springs). This device, however, has been used way before the first automobile was invented. As early as the 3rd century BC, camshafts have been used in water-raising machines and water clocks. In modern internal combustion engines, camshafts are used to operate poppet valves. Chilled iron castings and billet steel are two of the most commonly used materials in making camshafts, with the latter required for building high quality camshafts.

Essentially, the camshaft allows fuel into the engine through the valves. It is one of the most important components of any automobile, without it, you won't be able to drive your vehicle. Camshafts, in general, lasts the lifetime of the car that's why there's no scheduled maintenance for this particular component. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation wherein your camshaft breaks and needs to be replaced, you should invest in high quality replacement like the Camko Camshaft. The name Camko has been a trusted name in camshaft replacement for a lot of years now. Thousands and thousands of mechanics, motorists and enthusiasts alike can attest to the high quality, reliability, and dependability that a Camko Camshaft puts in the table.

Replacing a camshaft takes a lot of work. Unless you are a an experienced mechanic or enthusiast in dealing with problematic camshafts, it would be best to leave the task of replacing your ride's camshaft to the experts. Just go to your trusted mechanic and hand him over your Camko Camshaft and wait 'til your car gets back into tip-top condition. Camko Camshafts are made from high quality and durable materials that are engineered to meet, or even exceed, the high standards set by your original equipment manufacturer. Their wide selection camshaft replacements cover most of the popular automotive makes and models in the market.