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Camshaft Seal Kit

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Different engines have different power ratings. An engine's power has a lot to do with its particular camshaft profile. A camshaft basically lifts the valves open and closes them during each combustion cycle.Camshafts usually have seals to prevent engine oil from leaking. If the seals are worn-out or damaged, a quality camshaft seal kit will solve your problem. Once you see oil splashed over each camshaft, that's your cue to replace the seals. The first step is to remove the valve cover.Then you need to disassemble the camshaft gears and timing chain to access the damaged seal. Remember to pour engine oil over each valvetrain part before installing the next piece to ensure proper lubrication.Once in place, the new seals should keep engine oil from seeping out of the camshaft. If you need a reliable camshaft seal kit for your vehicle, then you've come to the right place: Carparts.

• Our available camshaft seal kits come with seals designed for direct replacement.

• Seals in these camshaft seal kits last longer than OE seals.

• Camshaft seal kits in our store are compatible with a wide range of engine types.