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An engine case is a protective cover that helps keep things from getting sucked or tangled in the engine components. Engine casings are widely used to protect and house different types of engines. Different vehicles have different engine cases, some are made from plastic (in some motorcycles), some from metal and some use a combination of both. They all serve the same purpose of concealing the internal wiring and different engine components in the engine bay while giving the vehicle's engine a more pleasing look when the hood is popped open. The engine case and its cover can also be customized by painting it to match the vehicle's color scheme.

This engine case not only protects the engine against unwanted elements from making a ruckus in your ride, they also double serve as a protective measure to the vehicle's passengers by keeping broken debris inside the casing in certain situations like an engine failure. But in order to get the best results from your engine case, you need to make sure that you have the little details covered first. Simple maintenance checks like making sure that your engine case studs are always nice and tight will only take a little of your time. If you find that you have a stud that's either loose, broken or missing, you can replace it with a high quality Canyon Engine Stud to keep the engine case secure.

Canyon also makes high performance cam replacement parts like the Canyon Cam Chain Spacer. This high quality component uses durable materials that will last you a long time, making for fewer replacements and saving you money in the long run. The cam chain is the same thing as a timing chain. This is not to be confused with a timing belt although they serve the same purpose, they are made from different materials. The Canyon Cam Chain, for example is made from a metal material which lasts longer, while timing belts are usually made from rubber and require periodic maintenance and/or replacement.