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DIY Installation: Car Window Regulator

Car window regulators are simple and unadorned pieces of equipment in your car that is responsible for lowering or raising the windows. However, these parts are not to be taken lightly. For one, some models separate their lower and higher trims just by changing the car window regulators from manual to power. Nevertheless, you'd be hard-pressed to find out that the windows in your car are not working. If ever this happened to you, don't burden yourself by adding manual labor costs. This unnecessary blunder could be amended with do-it-yourself replacement of the car window regulators. Just follow these steps.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • A set of screwdrivers
  • Allen wrench
  • Removing the door panels

    Door panels vary from car to car. However, they all follow almost the same suit. Simply locate then loosen all the screws that attach the door panel to the door frame. After this, pry the central lock and window switch panel (for all-powered vehicles). Carefully remove the door panel because it might be fastened with clips. Detach all wiring from the window mechanism, car locks, up to the speakers.

    Peeling the moisture barrier off

    A white plastic or foam covering shelters the window and lock components inside. This should be peeled off gradually and delicately. Damaging this will cause moisture to build up inside the frame. Thus, rust would eat away all the metal parts there. Once the barrier is removed, set it on a dry and safe place.

    Removing the window glass

    Here comes the tricky part. Removing the window glass requires patience, a tight grip, and an extra pair of hands. Asking for help is a great idea. However, this could also be done by yourself just in case there's nobody around to help. Make sure you are holding the glass from the bottom. Push it up and out of the door. This will take a few attempts before successfully taking the window out so don't rush it.

    Removing the window regulator

    The window regulator is a part with gears and metal rods connected to a motor. Just unscrew this and put the new regulators on the same way it the old one was taken off. Check if the motor needs replacement also.

    Place everything back

    Once the window regulators and the motor are set, just screw and clip everything back to their proper places. Fire up the engine and test the functionality of your car window.

    Useful Tips

    • Putting all eggs in one basket might come off as a bad notion. It's the same thing with installing new car window regulators. Have separate buckets or containers for every screw or clip of each part. This will prevent confusion and improve efficiency.

    Car Window Regulator Articles

    • Dorman or AC Delco: Which Car Window Regulator to Choose?

      Car window regulators are a frequent find among car parts. Although they don't affect car performance, these parts are integral to the well-being of the car owner and the passengers who will ride it. A lot of makers are manufacturing practically the same kind of regulators every time. At this point, it seems like the price is going to be the main difference. However, there is more than meets the eye. Such is the case between two leading manufacturers of car window regulators: AC Delco and Dorman. Do you want to get more "bang for the buck?" Here's a rundown between these two.

      Product Range

      AC Delco and Dorman are both leaders in the aftermarket parts industry. The two brands also boast a wide range of products other than car window regulators. They also contain a specific part in their inventory, which directly fits your car. So for this one, it's going to be a tie.

      WINNER: AC Delco and Dorman


      A major consideration when it comes to parts and products goes to warranty. AC Delco offers 12 months with 12,000-mileage warranty for their car window regulator. Meanwhile, Dorman takes it up a notch by offering a Lifetime Dorman limited warranty. It's obvious who gets the nod on this one.

      WINNER: Dorman


      While both sport a direct fit and passed testing against every conceivable condition, Dorman takes the rein because of innovation. Dorman has a dedicated window regulator team that already invested $ 1 million in redesigning and reevaluating every single part. On the other hand, AC Delco designs and builds regulators that meet and exceed OE performance in the market.

      WINNER: Dorman


      At last, the final point: the price. Both products have competitive prices that are sure to fit every need. They both range from $40 to more than $100.

      WINNER: AC Delco and Dorman


      These two brands have exhibited a strong showing when it comes to value, reliability and performance. If you pick one over the other, rest assured that it would always be a wise decision. Sticking to your own experience with their products be able to make decision easier.