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Chevrolet A/C Condenser

An air conditioner is an equipment that uses the refrigeration cycle. In an automobile, air conditioners are designed to use a compressor to pump a refrigerant around. Low pressure and load temperature in the evaporator coil causes the refrigerant to evaporate into vapor, taking heat along with it. This way, passengers that board air-conditioned automobiles are spared the agony of being baked inside their own vehicles.
Like an automobile engine, an air conditioner has the capacity to overheat. Any appliance capable of overheating runs the risk of exploding, causing much more damage to the vehicle and the passengers at hand. This is the reason why air conditioners employ A/C condensers. Like radiators, they are the ones responsible for holding in check the short temper of their respective wards.
The existence of A/C condensers on automobiles is largely justified by their singular function. The fact that they keep the air conditioner cool is enough for them to be considered as one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Like any other equipment, however, A/C condensers are also not faultless not to break down whenever they are too old or too worn down. This is the reason why Chevrolet cars employ only Chevrolet A/C condensers, the only equipment meant to last really long lives.
Chevrolet A/C condensers do the task of making sure that air conditioners do not overheat, rendering passengers of Chevrolet vehicles safe from explosions and other like accidents. They are also allowed to feel the comfort air conditioning has to give, making them enjoy their Chevrolet riding experience even more. Chevrolet A/C condensers are the best of their kind. They are tough and durable equipment meant to act as cohort to one of the most important parts of the automobile - the air conditioning system, which allows passengers to just sit back and relax while cruising around in their Chevrolets.

  • Closer Look at Chevrolet A/C Condenser

    Though the heating system of your Chevy is vital in the winter to keep the windows free of frost, the air conditioning system is often thought of as a mere gas mileage drain. However, on the hottest summer days, it is great to have it available to use, and this means that routine maintenance should be performed on all of the parts of the system, including the Chevy AC condenser. Due to its location in front of the radiator, this part is often exposed to small pebbles, leaves, insects, and other road debris. All of this mess will eventually be caught in the small fins of the cooling array, reducing the efficiency of the Chevy AC condenser. It relies on the surface area provided by the fins to remove the heat from the coolant within, with the flow of air as the vehicle moves. When the fins become blocked, air will not be able to reach these areas, but the debris can be removed with a tool known as a fin comb. A great amount of care must be taken when cleaning the fins of the Chevy AC condenser and, for that matter, anytime that you are working on or around the part, because the fins are very thin and easily bent. If bent too far, they may cause a leak in the system. In addition, everyday corrosion may cause leaks. After several years, damage to the Chevy AC condenser may be bad enough that it will require a replacement, and you will find the correct one for your vehicle in our online catalog, at a very low price. You can order your Chevy AC condenser today, using our safe online ordering or our convenient toll-free telephone number, and we'll soon have it on the way.