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Chevrolet Astro Air Suspension Compressor

The suspension of your Chevy Astro is one of the interconnected components of the vehicle. It is made up of Chevy Astro suspension parts working together to provide ease in handling and braking as well maintain comfort and safety of the car's occupants in case it has to pass through road bumps, potholes and other track irregularities. The car parts depending on each other to materialize these purposes are springs, dampers, shock, strut and anti roll bar.

There are several types of springs utilized by the suspension system. It includes air spring, coil spring, rubber brushing, leaf spring, torsion beam spring and semi elliptical spring. Basically, springs serve as a prop up that take in the impact commonly caused by road imperfections. Springs can as well improve the over all look of the car especially if those with higher spring rates and shorter overall lengths are used.

Dampers, shocks and struts changes the kinetic energy generated by the suspension into a form of heat that pushes the fluid to enter the valves lined up inside the body of the shocks. It also controls the suspension to ensure that the tires are securely in contact with the road track. Shock absorbers, as the name imply, absorb the impact brought about by the bouncing of the wheels caused by dirt road and bumps.

Anti roll bar or anti sway bar serves as the connection between the left and right suspensions that supports the vehicle frame. It is positioned on the front and rear portion of the vehicle to adjust the handling dynamics of the car as well as minimize body roll or sway every time the vehicle turns around a corner.

Suspension systems are classified into dependent, independent and semi dependent types. Dependent suspension types are equipped with a live axle that secures the contact of the wheels with the road surface. The changes on the camber attached to the wheels allow wheel change in the same manner. An independent suspension on the other hand allows the wheels to freely move on its own. The semi-dependent suspension is set apart from the rest by using swing axle and solid tubes.

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