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Chevrolet Astro Door Handle

The Chevrolet Astro is a minivan from the General Motors Corporation. It was introduced to the car buying public in the year 1985. The Chevrolet Astro possesses a truck-based platform and a bolt-on subframe incorporating the front suspension from a station wagon with a leaf-spring rear suspension. As far as body style is concerned, potential buyers have two options to choose from - the Chevrolet Astro cargo van and the Chevrolet Astro passenger van.
The Chevrolet Astro is laden with features that make each and every one of its passengers beam with so much pride. Included in this are eight passenger seating, new cruise control and power windows. Other features included in this roster of terrific features are optional front and rear seat air conditioning, rear-seat audio controls and six-way power drive seat. The Chevrolet Astro also employs extensive safety features like driver and front passenger air bags as well as child security sliding door.
One of the things Chevrolet Astro owners are proud of is the fact that their vehicles are equipped with parts that make them reliable so to say. These tough and durable parts contribute a lot to how the Chevrolet Astro would fare both aesthetic and performance-wise. One of these parts is the Chevrolet Astro door handle. The Chevrolet Astro door handle does both for the Chevrolet Astro as it embellishes the Chevrolet Astro door while providing a place to hold on to for passengers who wish to get inside the vehicle.
Replacement Chevrolet Astro door handles available in the market come as inner or outer door handles. They also come in black and chrome variants. What is great about these small Chevrolet Astro equipment is the fact that they are capable of withstanding great force, something that would prevent them from suffering premature breakage. This is the reason why car owners should trust Chevrolet Astro door handles as these contraptions would never let them down.

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