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Chevrolet Astro Mirror

Drivers usually suffer pain on different parts of their body after doing a long drive. The biceps sting due exertion of energy in maneuvering the steering wheel and shift gears, and the leg and thigh muscles hurt for losing force in stepping the brake, clutch and acceleration pedals. The back would have its toll for long hours of being seated. Surely, no one would ever want to add some more with all these. But you can't avoid another shot of it if your Chevy Astro doesn't carry mirrors. You'll be required to tilt your head and the result could be stiff neck.

In the automotive engineering, mirrors are not included to merely serve vanity purposes just as how they're generally considered. Their main purpose in a vehicle is to serve as instrument for providing clear image of figures behind and at the side of the vehicle. This way, drivers wouldn't have to tilt their heads in order to have a good look of what's behind the normal sight range. But more than its basic importance, the visual expansion that mirrors extend to drivers help ensure driving efficiency and thus take vital part in safety.

Chevy Astro mirrors come in several types and their use depends on different applications. At the exterior part of the minivan body construction of an Astro, three mirrors can be found, a set of side view mirrors attached at the upper corners of the vehicle's face just near the door, and the other at the rear part. Other than that, a Chevrolet Astro also has rear view mirror, and can be retrofitted with automatic dimming rear view mirror, signal mirror, towing mirror, wide-angle mirror and other power mirrors. The signal mirrors feature built-in red chevron that lights up when the turn sign al is in use, while the towing mirrors are replacement or attachments for enhanced visibility for safe towing. Wide-angle mirrors are basically mirrors that provide wider view than standard, and are deemed to eliminate blind spots for objects at the ground which are close to the vehicle. Another kind is the automatic dimming rear view mirror, a mirror that automatically shifts to dark mode right after detecting bright lights. Other high-performing mirrors include built-in compass and outside temperature readout to offer another functional use such as power mirrors.

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