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Chevrolet Blazer Fender

Useful Tips to Deal With the Common Problems of Your Chevrolet Blazer Fender

Your Chevrolet Blazer fender is susceptible to a lot of problems as it's widely exposed to possible contact with different particles and objects. Because of this, you need to prepare yourself to fix most of these issues. To help you prepare, here are some useful troubleshooting tips:


The fender dent on your vehicle can still be fixed whether it's large or small. However, you have to be careful to avoid making the dent worse. Removal of the damaged fender for repair depends on the dent. If it's small, you may choose to leave the fender attached, but remember to remove the wheel for easy access. Keep in mind, though, that the smaller the dent is, the lighter the hammer you will use. Should your fender acquire a large dent, you may want to remove it from your vehicle and use a heavy hammer to get the job done. Just make sure that you start to hammer on the outer edges of the dent toward its center and that you avoid making long taps.

Rust holes

The steel fender on your vehicle can develop rust overtime and result with multiple rust holes. And if left unattended, these rust holes can eat right through the steel, leaving your fender deformed. Replacing your rusted fenders is the easiest solution, especially if the rust and corrosion are already severe. However, you can choose to repair it yourself. Just make sure that you have great engineering and DIY skills because doing this fix can be difficult. After all, cutting and welding metal into the damaged areas can be daunting for an average driver. But if you're up for the challenge, prepare yourself for some metal grinding and squeaking.


You can have different kinds of scratches on your fender, and you may just get surprised one day that this part doesn't look the way it used to anymore. To remedy this common fender problem, you have to first determine whether your fender is primered or chrome-finished because using chemicals best suited for a material or finish can be harmful to the other. Doing a few rubs here and there using a microfiber towel and polishing compound should be able to lighten the scratches on your fender. However, you may need to paint your primered fender to completely hide the scratches.

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  • Useful Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet Blazer Fender Looking Unscratched

    Your Chevrolet Blazer fender can get easily scratched. While this can be quite difficult to avoid, you can, however, do steps to make it look new and smooth. To achieve this look, take note of these simple and helpful maintenance tips:

    Wash with soap and water.

    You need to regularly wash your fender with a mixture of soap and water. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the fender using a sponge to remove traces of dirt and grime that can leave unwanted marks on the surface. Also, remember to use warm water for effective cleaning.

    Apply rubbing compound.

    You need to rub in circular motion the scratched area with rubbing compound using a non-abrasive cloth. You need to this until the scratches become less visible. Keep in mind that you should also rub after in a side-to-side motion using a clean cloth to remove the excess rubbing compound.

    Fill the scratches.

    If you want to see the depth of the scratches on your fender, you can fill them with a color-contrasting material. This will help you gauge the amount of sanding you need to do to completely get rid of the scratches. Just make sure that you wipe away the excess to prevent the material from sticking to the surface of the fender.

    Sand the scratches.

    You have to sand out the scratches if you had filled them with a color-contrasting material. However, you need to first soak your sandpapers in a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Wet sanding is preferred to avoid damaging the surface. Also, remember that you have to do this gently and in diagonal motion as you sand the length of the scratches. Keep in mind to frequently wet your sandpaper until the color-contrasting material disappears.

    Rub with polishing compound.

    There's no use removing scratches on your fender if you're not going to polish it. Remember, applying polishing compound on the area will make your fender look shiny, new, and unscratched. Doing this will also boost the overall look of your Blazer.

    Coat it with car wax.

    Don't forget to coat your fender with car wax after you're done buffing or sanding the scratches. This will give your fender added protection.