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Chevrolet Brake Caliper

The Chevy brake caliper is a vital component of the braking system of your vehicle, providing the pressure to the brake pads that causes the vehicle to slow and stop. The brake pads must make contact with the brake disc to create the friction that is necessary to slow the momentum of the moving vehicle wheels. The Chevy brake caliper helps to create that friction by squeezing the brake pads inward to contact the brake disc. Most vehicles use a single piston floating type of the Chevy caliper that uses pressure created by hydraulic brake fluid to move its piston, which causes the brake pads to move in towards the brake disc when the brake is applied. The proper function of the Chevy brake caliper is crucial to the vehicle braking system. If the Chevy brake caliper is not applying the correct level of pressure to the brake pads, the stopping distance of the vehicle can be increased dramatically, causing an unsafe driving situation. If the Chevy brake caliper on one wheel of the vehicle has become slow to perform its function, the vehicle can pull sharply to one side as the brake pedal is applied. The Chevy caliper can seize, failing to pull the brake pads away from the brake disc when the brake pedal is released, overheating the disc and causing excessive wear of the pads. These problems can occur with corrosion in the Chevy brake caliper, or a leak in the hydraulic fluid system can cause malfunctions that affect its performance. Our online catalog carries a selection of Chevy brake caliper replacement parts at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Chevy brake caliper fast and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient.