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Chevrolet Brake Dust Shields

If a layer of grime that defeats the best carwash has dulled the shine of your wheels, this coating is more likely brake dust rather than the typical dust and muck from the road. An accumulation of brake dust can be very difficult to remove, often requiring special solvents to get the stubborn mess to release its grip. Chevy brake dust shields can keep that unsightly coating of brake dust from accumulating on the wheels of your vehicle. The friction coating on the brake pads produces brake dust in a disc brake system as an unavoidable byproduct of its braking method. This debris is made up of metal particles, carbon and adhesives, which are the ingredient that makes it stick like glue to your wheels. This mixture can become corrosive if left on the wheel surface too long, causing damage to the finish. Every time the brakes are applied, the brake pads are pressed upon the brake disc, creating the friction that brings the motion of the wheels to a stop. When this contact is made, the pad loses a little of the friction coating, carried away in the breeze as brake dust. With the protection of Chevy brake shields, this debris will be deflected away from the wheels as it flies from the brake pads. Chevy brake dust shields are easily installed, fitting on the wheel rather like a traditional wheel cover but placed inside the wheel. We carry a selection of quality Chevy brake dust shields at very reasonable prices in our online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering fast and easy or our toll-free phone line is available to take your order just as conveniently.