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Chevrolet Brake Pad Set

Chevy brake pads are small components in the vehicle braking system that work in conjunction with the brake caliper and the brake disc to create the friction necessary to slow and stop the motion of the wheels when the brake pedal is engaged. The brake caliper uses a piston powered by hydraulic fluid to move the Chevy brake pads in contact with each side of the brake disc, squeezing the Chevy brake pads against its surface. There is a thick coating of a friction material on the surface of the Chevy brake pads that allows them to grip the brake disc firmly to stop the vehicle. The friction coating also keeps the brake pads from damaging the brake disc as they make contact. This friction material wears away with use, a little each time the brake is applied. There are a number of friction material compounds used in the manufacture of Chevy brake pads, depending upon the type of use and vehicle for which they are meant. Each compound will wear from the Chevy brake pads at a differing rate. On some brake pads, there are wear indicators that will begin to make noise when the brake pads are worn to the point that replacement is necessary. If all is well in the vehicle braking system, the Chevy brake pads should wear evenly. If there is a significant difference in the wear between them, it can indicate trouble with another component of the braking system. Our online catalog features a selection of quality replacement Chevy brake pads at great low prices. You can place your Chevy brake pads order via our secure site or will a call to our toll-free line.