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Chevrolet Bumper

Even in the olden days, automobiles were as picturesque as ever. Many American scenes would depict people and their cars. They defined the lifestyle of that era, they described the status of that person, whatever it is, and the automobile would always be present in their day-to-day lives.

One aspect of the automobile that has changed a whole lot in the couple of decades is the front bumper. They used to be big, shiny and made of metal. When one car hits another the commotion created is catastrophically deafening. Chevrolet from bumpers attest to this durability and strength. Chevrolet has always been a pillar in the history of automobiles and has played a great part in their development.
Well, just what is a bumper? It is basically a panel placed in the front and rear end of the car. Bumpers are formed into specific shapes to follow the lines of the fascia and are placed there in order to absorb force and momentum during a collision. In the event of an impact, the bumper absorbs some of the blow, which decreases the potential damage to the vehicle and its occupants. The bumper is attached to the car's chassis with a particular impact absorber. These shock absorbers are most often spring loaded. In slow speed collisions, this allows the bumper to compress, and then extend back to its original position, decreasing probable damage.

Some Chevy bumpers, especially front bumpers are constructed with integral crumple zones. Crumple zones are designed to absorb the force of impact; the crumple zones are designed to flex on impact. As the Chevy bumper flexes, the action of the bending bumper converts the kinetic energy of the car into heat. This way further damage to the car is prevented. Nowadays, car front bumpers are constructed out of rubber, plastic, urethane, fiberglass or painted light metal. These are also durable, though not as tough as the heavy steel used in the vintage cars, but technology has provided them with ways to divert danger away from the occupants of the vehicle. Chevrolet is continually finding ways to make them safer and more effective in shielding the owners from danger.

To add class, beauty and added protection to the Chevy front and rear bumpers, many accessories are available to be mounted on it. Bumper covers, bull bars, brush guards, push bars and lots more can be added to the front bumper to make it stronger and sportier. Fog lights and other kind of lights can be placed on custom front bumpers making them, very functional. Bars are also available for mounting to enrich strength and protection.

  • Closer Look at Chevrolet Bumper

    If your vehicle is looking a little worse for wear with a damaged or corroded bumper to ruin its appearance, a new Chevy bumper can spruce up its appearance quickly, giving it back that great look to which you are accustomed. The Chevy bumper is designed to give your vehicle some protection against the impact of vehicle accidents, helping to save the body of the vehicle and the passengers from the force. Some are designed with areas meant to crumple in an accident in order to absorb some of the shock of impact, insulating the body and passenger cabin from the force of such mishaps. If your Chevy bumper is damaged or corroded, not only does it detract from the appearance of the vehicle, but its protective function is also compromised, leaving it unable to offer the level of protection to your vehicle that it is meant to provide, should you be involved in a fender bender on your morning commute. If corrosion has weakened the Chevy bumper, it can loosen from its mountings and sag, leaving it in a poor position to protect your vehicle, and without the strength and function to do so effectively. Replacing the Chevy bumper will add safety to your vehicle as well as dramatically improving its appearance. Whether it is dented or twisted from a traffic mishap, or worn and corroded from the elements and road salt, replacing your Chevy bumper will have that area of your vehicle looking just about as good as new in almost no time at all, as installation is a fairly simple process. We carry a selection of quality Chevy bumper replacements in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our secure site will make it safe and easy to order your Chevy bumper or our toll-free phone line can take your order just as efficiently.