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Chevrolet Camaro Floor Mats

Signs that Your Chevrolet Camaro Floor Mats Need Replacement

Floor mats serve a variety of functions, and one of them is to keep the interiors of your car looking clean at all times. Aside from this, the mats also work as a protection on your car floor, and a way to customize your vehicle without spending so much. There are two major classifications of car mats: the rubber mats and the carpet mats. The ones made from rubber have higher durability as compared to those made of carpet. But either way, your car's floor mats will still get damaged after some time. When this happens, you should know how the mats will look like when they need replacement. Here are some signs:

Worn out material

After years of constant washing, the floor mats of your car are surely bound to get worn out. And when this happens, the best thing to do is to get a replacement for them right away, unless you want to dirty up your car interiors right on your first ride after cleaning it. The floor mats may be made of durable material, but it is still very likely for them to get damaged. The corners are usually the ones that get damaged first. You will also notice that the material is thinning over time. And once it does, it only means that you can only use your old mats for a couple of months more.

Holes and tears

If you clean your floor mats by scrubbing them, there is a huge possibility for holes and tears to appear on the material. Friction and constant exposure to substances like cleaning solution could take a toll on the integrity of your floor mats. Once you see holes and tears on them, it would be better if you can get new ones right away because if you don't, you could be compromising the cleanliness and overall appearance of your Camaro.

Anti-slip backing deterioration

Floor mats, especially the ones made from carpet, have a rubberized anti-slip backing material that allows it to stay put even while you are stepping on them or while the car is running. But when your car mats are damaged, the anti-slip feature tends to deteriorate as well. If you can put up with your mats constantly moving on your car floor, then there is no need to get new mats right away. But if you want them to stay put, you can shop for a new set when you can.

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  • Proper Ways to Take Care of Your Chevrolet Camaro Floor Mats

    There are several ways on how you can properly take care of your Chevrolet Camaro floor mats. You do not even have to spend so much money in the process. The floor mats are among the most neglected and least maintained car accessories. Despite this, they remain to be among the most efficient and highly functional parts of all. Since the floor mats do not function mechanically, it is very easy to maintain them. Here's how:

    Use the proper cleaning tools.

    When cleaning your floor mats, make sure you are only using the proper tools and cleaning solution. This way, you can get rid of dirt properly without causing damage on the material of your car mats. You can use a small brush to scrub off dirt on carpet mats, while a sponge can do the job if you have a set of rubber mats. As for the cleaning solution, you can use practically any kind of soap or cleanser. Just make sure that you rinse it off with water afterwards.

    Avoid too much scrubbing.

    Try to scrub your floor mats lightly but effectively. Avoid scrubbing on the material in a very hard manner as this could further cause damage on the mats. If you can remove all the dirt and mud through gentle scrubbing, do so. Aside from being able to remove grime on your Chevrolet Camaro floor mats, you also get to save your energy for other important activities.

    Wash the mats only when necessary.

    If you think your floor mats do not really need to be washed, don't. Although the mats are often exposed to dirt and grime, you don't have to wash them every single day of the week. Too much washing and brushing can affect the quality of your car mats, and shorten their life span. If they are not too filthy, you can just shake them off outside the vehicle. This can be very helpful in prolonging the life of your car mats, especially if they have a special feature such as a heater. Also, refrain from using your washing machine at home when cleaning the floor mats since dirt can be removed through simple brushing.