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Chevrolet Camaro Headers

Common Symptoms of Chevrolet Camaro Headers Problems

The headers in your Chevrolet Camaro's engine give a huge boost in the car's performance because they help release exhaust gases in the combustion chamber faster and more efficient. However, if the headers are not properly maintained, then the exact opposite is bound to happen. If the headers of your car are suspect to create problems, then better check the hood and look for some signs. Here are a few symptoms that lead to malfunctioning Chevrolet Camaro headers:

Decreased fuel efficiency

Leaking headers caused by a crack in its pipes or to the parts attached to it decreases the car's fuel efficiency. This is caused by the oxygen sensor's failure to monitor the right amount fuel to air ratio. Check the headers and the other parts for cracks to resolve this type of problem immediately.

Foul smell from under the hood

If headers under the hood of your car are already malfunctioning, it has a tendency to emit harmful gases in the engine compartment instead of sending them downstream to the other parts of the exhaust system. These pollutants can escape into the atmosphere and spread toxic carbon monoxide. If there's already awful smell coming from under the hood, then you have to check the headers already because it might be the main culprit.

Overheating engine

Since the headers are designed to transfer the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber, it should at least maintain the temperature of the engine at the right level. However, if it is cracked, then the exhaust gases that have escaped can contribute to increase of the engine's temperature. If the gases continue to accumulate and the temperature continues to rise, these may soon result to overheating.

Other troubleshooting tips

It is best to check the headers periodically for any damage. Not only are the problems critical if they're not dealt with immediately, some are even fatal. There can also be an instance when the crack in the header can cause the engine parts to explode into pieces because it has reacted violently with gas vapor. Since the exhaust system parts of a car are connected to each other, you must check not only the headers, but the other parts as well. The problem on one part may have originated from another.

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  • Pointers to Keep Your Chevy Camaro Headers in Good Shape

    The Chevy Camaro headers in your car's engine will certainly improve the performance of the classic American muscle car. However, just like all the other parts of your car, it has to be maintained properly to ensure that it is in top condition. Here are some maintenance tips you can perform to keep your Chevy roaring on the streets:

    • Coat your headers.
    • If the headers on your Chevy are fabricated with mild steel, then it is a good idea to cover them with high-temperature paint or a ceramic-type coating. Although it will be difficult to weld them after they have been coated, the headers will be protected against corrosion. Alternatively, if the headers are not plated or painted, you can just keep them regularly cleaned. Make sure that oil on its surface is wiped off to minimize the formation of rust.
    • Check the parts attached to it regularly.
    • The headers are connected together with the other parts of the engine like gaskets and fasteners. These parts have to be regularly checked to ensure that the header will work efficiently as well. If these parts are not maintained, it may result to leaks that could damage the headers and other critical engine parts.
    • Store your car the right way.
    • If you will store your vehicle for a long period of time, then you should park it over a large tarpaulin or sheet of plastic. This will protect the exhaust system parts including the headers from the ground's moisture. You can also coat the headers with WD-40. It will prevent the tubes of the headers that are prone to corrosion from rusting away.
    • Drive your vehicle for at least 20 minutes.
    • The reason behind this is to prevent moisture in the headers that leads to exhaust system corrosion. By driving a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes when the car has already been started, moisture that's created by the combustion process can be completely eliminated.
    • Know the proper cleaning method for the different type of headers
    • Since there are different types of materials used on headers today, it is important to know which cleaning technique is applicable for your car's headers. Aside from this, the right cleaning products should also be checked carefully because it may have an adverse effect on the header's surface.