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Chevrolet Camaro Hood

Causes of Common Chevrolet Camaro Hood Complaints

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the prettiest and sexiest sports cars ever produced. Every inch of its body speaks volumes when it comes to the beauty it possesses. Beginning at the front with its hood, one glimpse at it and you'll instantly know that you're looking at a very special car. However, even this part isn't spared from problems. Over time, this component will show signs of wear and tear. To help you figure out what's wrong with your car's hood, check out the common symptoms below and the possible causes behind them:

Bubble spots

Multiple air pockets and bubbles are common on sloppily repainted cars. If your Chevrolet Camaro is fairly new, there's no worry for you. However, if your Chevy is a used or second-hand unit with a vague history, or you've had your car retouched in the past, there's a chance that the hood-and other parts of the body-may eventually have these blemishes. There's a lot of preparation and work needed when painting a car. Skipping on these results to the bubbles at first, but these get worse and become avenues for rust and corrosion.

Low clearance

This is another type of problem that's more frequent on second-hand cars or with modified Camaros. The engine compartment of a stock and brand new Chevy is perfectly designed to carry parts that can fit under the hood. If your car is equipped with various engine upgrades, these new parts may not be accommodated by the space which results to the loss in clearance.

Gaps and spaces

A closed hood should make a perfect seal with the Camaro's bumper, lights, and fenders. Gaps and spaces between these parts could mean the latch that holds a closed hood has gone bad. It's also possible that you customized the front end with incompatible parts. If you installed a hood from a Camaro of a different model year, make sure you researched if you should also replace the bumpers and lights.

Sealed shut

One pull of the release lever and you should have a popped hood. However, if you tirelessly try to open it to no avail, it's possible that you have a worn or split cable. With this, your pull on the lever won't translate to an open hood.

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Chevrolet Camaro Hood Available Years

  • Keeping the Looks of a Chevrolet Camaro Hood 27 February 2013

    What makes the Chevrolet Camaro such an iconic sports car is its combination of maximum power and precision handling that's encased in a perfect body. This is a car that needs to be flawless inside and out to give its name and legacy justice. Even if its mechanical components are well maintained, it wouldn't be such a jaw-dropping vehicle if it carried an ugly Chevrolet Camaro hood. Taking care of the hood isn't that difficult. If you're a responsible car owner, you already have what it takes to ensure that it's free from stains and damages. Here are the things you can do to keep the great looks of your Chevrolet Camaro hood:

    Clean the hood regularly.

    Cleaning the hood with soap and water always does wonders for the car's bodywork. Use a pressure washer to loosen dirt stuck in hard-to-get areas. Don't skip on wiping the hood to dry the car. Water left on the surface can lead to unwanted rust. Just remember to use a cotton fabric or non-abrasive cloth that won't damage the paint job. For a complete clean and a new-car look, apply some wax and buffing the hood for a shiny finish.

    Repair cracks immediately.

    Cracks on the cover should be limited and avoided as much as possible. If left unattended, small fissures can grow to become major splits. A complete hood replacement if ever it comes to this point. Most modern hoods are made of fiberglass. Minor fractures can be repaired by molding the same material. Top it with the car's color to make it look like nothing happened to it in the first place. You're better off investing on this small repair rather than buying a new Chevrolet Camaro hood.

    Park the car safely.

    When the car isn't in use, it is highly advisable that you park and store it in a safe and secure place. An enclosed garage is an ideal place. If you don't have one, placing a car cover over the vehicle will do just fine. Doing these give the car enough protection against harmful elements that can damage the Chevrolet Camaro hood in any way.