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Chevrolet Camaro Mud Guards

Common Problems Encountered with the Chevrolet Camaro Mud Guards

If you're not a fan of regular trips to the car wash, having mud guards installed in your Chevrolet Camaro solves your problem. Your car's mud guard is what helps you save time and money from frequent visits to the car wash because it shields your vehicle from dirt, mud, and other harmful road debris. These harsh elements on the road cannot be completely avoided that is why mud guards were made to minimize the amount of debris that hits your car. Because of its tough and dirty job of protecting your car from dirt, your mud guards may wear out and fail eventually. Here are the common signs that your Chevrolet Camaro's mud guards are no longer functioning properly.

The mud guards are torn.

Your Chevrolet Camaro's mud guard is located near the wheels and close to the ground. It will go through a lot of beating especially when you drive on rough roads a lot. Your everyday driving conditions as well as the weather will make wear and damage on your mud guards unavoidable. Aside from that, minor accidents such as getting stuck in the crease of a curb when you're pulling out of a street parking can also damage your mud guards.

The clips and mounts of the mud guards are missing.

The dirt, mud, pebbles, rocks, and other road elements that your mud guards encounter everyday does not only damage the flaps of your mud guards. Too much wear caused by road debris can loosen the clips that mount your mud guards to your car. When these clips fall off, your mud guards will hang loosely and improperly in your wheels and will no longer be able to perform its job of keeping your Chevrolet Camaro safe from road dirt and mud.

The dirt and mud reaches the vehicle's windows.

If you notice that your Chevrolet Camaro's windows have splashes of mud and dirt, this is an obvious sign that your mud guards are no longer doing the job right. But if your mud guards are new, then there could be something wrong with the way they were installed. If the mud guards are not installed properly, they won't be able to shield the parts where you car needs cover the most, leaving your entire vehicle a muddy mess.

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  • Tips on Keeping Your Chevrolet Camaro Mud Guards in Top Condition

    The mud guards in your Chevrolet Camaro may not be able to contribute to your car's overall performance but they sure play a huge role in keeping your car looking neat and presentable. They are placed in your car's wheel to stop dirt, mud, rocks, and other harsh elements from smashing directly on your vehicle. Having a good set of mud guards installed will not only keep your car clean, it will also save you a lot of money from frequent car wash visits. But just like any other car part, your Chevrolet Camaro's mud guards also need proper maintenance. Here are a few helpful tips in keeping your mud guards in top condition.

    Clean the mud guards on a regular basis.

    Just because they were made for a tough and dirty job doesn't mean the mud guards of your Chevrolet Camaro do not need regular maintenance. Your mud guards encounter dirt, mud, rocks, dust, and many forms of road debris every day. Dirty mud guards may develop damage that you might not easily see because they are covered by dirt. Aside from that, your dirty mud guards will make your Chevrolet Camaro look untidy. Make it a habit to clean your mud guards regularly to keep your whole car looking presentable at all times.

    Make sure that the mud guards are positioned properly.

    When mud guards are not correctly positioned, they won't be able to cover the areas that they are supposed to cover. When installing mud guards on your Chevrolet Camaro, make sure that the decorative side is facing outwards. Also check the height of the mud guards from the ground. When they are positioned too high, they won't be able to shield your fenders completely. When they are placed too low, they might hit the ground below and get worn out and damaged easily.

    Repair damages on your mud guard.

    Getting your Chevrolet Camaro's mud guards torn overtime is unavoidable. So, when you notice cracks and tears in your mud guards, repair them immediately before the damage gets bigger and harder to fix. Sew the broken pieces of mud guards together by drilling holes on the parts where the cracks and tears are located then loop safety wire through them. Make sure to tighten the knots so that the broken pieces are held tightly together.