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Chevrolet Camaro Tail Light

Symptoms of Bad Chevrolet Camaro Tail Lights

Tail lights are important in ensuring that the Camaro's driving experience is always safe. Without these indicators, it's difficult for other drivers to know if you're braking, turning, or going in reverse. Problems in these assemblies may result to other drivers getting confused as to what your driving intentions are. The first moment you experience any trouble with the assembly, work on them as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences and accidents. Here are some of the symptoms that tell you have a problem with the Chevrolet Camaro's tail lights:

Brightness issues

When it comes to tail lights that won't turn on, or two assemblies that emit different intensities of light, worn and old bulbs are always the top suspects. Replacing these with new ones can solve the problem. If it still persists even after the replacement, it's possible that the sockets holding the bulbs in place are loose or wrongly attached. Make sure that all ends have clean, proper, and tight connections to ensure that electricity freely flows through the wires and circuits. Also check that the ground cables are properly connected for the lights to function. Fuses may also be wet due to unfavorable weather and operating conditions. A problematic switch has also been reported to cause problems with the assembly.

Melted fuses

Melted fuses immediately mean lights that won't work. If this happens, make sure that you are using ones that can carry the right ampere rating specified for the Camaro's tail lights. It's very likely that the wires' insulation has melted. The result is a short circuit that also affects the fuses' condition.

Water leaks

The insides of the tail lights should be free from any form of water and condensation. Wet tail light assemblies lead to fog on the lenses, corrosion on the housing, possible shorts, and other problems you want to avoid. Any sign of liquid means the gaskets are worn. This greatly helps keep water out of the lights before liquid damages and shorts the circuits and wires. The contact between light and body may also be loose enough to allow water inside. The housing and the car's body should be tight to prevent any breaching from happening.

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  • How to Keep Your Chevrolet Camaro Tail Light Working 27 February 2013

    Since you have a sports car on your hands, speed and power are two of your main concerns when it comes to taking care of your Chevrolet Camaro. But this shouldn't be an excuse for you to forget that your driving experience remains a safe one. Minding your car's tail lights is a good way to ensure that safety isn't compromised. Since these carry brake, turning, and reverse indicators, it's important that the assemblies work well so that other drivers are aware of your actions at all times. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your tail lights working:

    Check wires and components.

    It's important to check if all its parts and components in any electrical system are intact and in good condition. Most of the time, people and expert mechanics pass over the thought that some issues to the tail lights simply involve a defect in the system. Check if all wires are properly connected to and from the lights. Some may even depend on ground cables for these to turn on. Clean the terminals of the battery's wires to get a free and smooth flow of current. Other than that, small essentials like fuses and relays should also be inspected once in a while.

    Always do all-around cleaning.

    Cleaning always does wonders for any car part that gets old. For the tail lights, wash dirt and other stains off of the lenses to get the brightest lights possible whenever these turn on. Include the main housing on the list of things to wipe. Remember that keeping the different mounting hardware, such as screws and bolts, spotless is also an important aspect of tail light maintenance. Some assemblies rely on clean hardware to establish good grounding.

    Get rid of water and condensation.

    Water is never welcome to anything that involves anything electrical, including your Camaro's tail lights. It's important that you get rid of any water buildup in the housings or on the lenses. Replace gaskets and seals that deteriorate overtime. If there's already too much water inside, drill small holes on safe and hidden parts of the units to drain the liquid.