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Chevrolet Camaro Window Motor

Chevrolet Camaro Window Motor Troubleshooting

Being able to smoothly operate your windows is something many people take for granted. But if just one component that aids in window operation were to break, then you'd lose the ability to lower and raise your windows. Unfortunately, window damage can be a recurring problem, and it would help if you knew how to diagnose this problem en route to find a solution. So keep reading for some helpful Chevrolet Camaro window motor troubleshooting tips.

One window won't work and is silent.

So you press down on your window switch, but the window doesn't go down. It doesn't move nor does it make any motor noise. This could mean that your problem lies in the switch, the motor, or the wiring circuit. Remove the switch, access the wiring, and use a voltmeter to check the voltage on the switch with the ignition on. If there's no voltage, then the fault lies in the power supply circuit wiring or a wiring connector somewhere between the door switch and the fuse panel. However, if there is voltage, then it's either your switch or motor that's broken.

One window won't work but makes noise.

Do you hear motor noise (buzzing or humming) coming from your door when you press the window switch, but the window doesn't move? If this is the case, then you need not worry about your switch, motor, or wiring; your window mechanism is probably damaged. This mechanism is made up of several components, and if one of them breaks, then the window won't respond to the motor or the switch. In addition to that, if the window lowers smoothly but doesn't come back up, then it may be off the track that's inside your door.

All windows don't work

When not just one but all of the windows fail to respond to the switches, then you can be sure that your motors aren't to blame. It would also be unlikely that all the switches malfunctioned at the exact same time, so that would leave you with the fuse for the power window circuit. If the fuse is blown, then all your windows would become nonresponsive.

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  • Chevrolet Camaro Window Motor Maintenance 27 February 2013

    Your Chevrolet Camaro window motors is what ensures the smooth and reliable operation of your windows. However, this component can become damaged over time. Here are some helpful methods to aid you in properly maintaining your window motor, keeping it in working condition for many miles to come:

    Check the window stripping.

    The weather stripping tracing your window is there to keep water and dirt from entering the door. If these harmful substances get inside the door, then they can seriously damage the window mechanism, including the window motor. If you notice that your weather stripping is molding, coming off, or deteriorating, then have it replaced right away.

    Replace glass gaskets.

    Make sure that your glass gaskets are in place and firmly fitted against the window glass. If these components become damaged or come out of place, then water can enter your door and soak the window motor. This could burn up the motor, rendering your window immovable. So be sure to check the gasket's position on a regular basis and have it repaired if need be.

    Avoid impacts to the door.

    Whether it's from the inside of the vehicle or the outside, see to it that the door doesn't get hit with much force. If, for example, your door is bumped hard by a bicycle, then the window mechanism inside your door could become impaired. So the bottom line is: take care of your door, and you'll be taking better care of your window motor at the same time.

    Check the window glass tracks.

    If your window glass tracks are too tight or misaligned, then they could stress the window motor, resulting in it burning up. So have your shop check the tracks to ensure that they're in good condition. This will certainly prolong the life and performance of your window motor.

    Make sure you have proper drainage.

    If water is seeping into your door, then at least make sure it doesn't stay there. See to it that you have adequate water drainage in the bottom of your door. That way, water and even dirt won't stick around inside your door, keeping your window motor out of harm's way.