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Chevrolet Cavalier Door Contact Switch

Common Issues with a Chevrolet Cavalier Door Contact Switch

A door contact switch will normally fly under your radar among all the parts that make up your Chevrolet Cavalier. The roles it plays in the functioning and security of your vehicle are far too important to ignore. One, the door contact switch allows you automatic, remote control over your locks-if you have it installed. Two, it determines the state of your door and informs you--via a warning light on the console--whether any door is still ajar. Three, it works with the alarm system and forms the "seal" that thieves break to trigger the loud, blaring alarm. There are a few things to watch out for to determine whether or not your door contact switch is starting to fall apart:

Door is always ajar

This warning light helps to inform you when one or more doors are, well, ajar. Sometimes, though, problems arise and no amount of slamming and securing of the door seem to get the light to step down. The first thing to check is the door contact switch located near the door lock. It's funny, but many times, the cause of this problem is a dirty door contact switch. If cleaning it-with a moist, clean cloth-does not solve the trouble, you should then check on the electrical components. You can do this yourself by accessing the wiring behind the door panel. Should any wires be frayed or damaged, a little electrical tape solves the trouble in a jiffy. It's better if you let a professional handle it if you have any doubt--you might take the system and a few others around it if you go wrong.

Slow remote response

Granted, the problem might lie with the battery in your door remote. If--after replacing the battery--the problem persists, you might start checking the motor behind the door panel. While you're at it, though, it's a good idea to include the door contact switch in the inspection as a fault in its wiring also contributes to the failure of the auto-lock. This is a much brighter prospect that the motor of the mechanism breaking down--because it's a cheaper replacement job.

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  • How to Keep Your Chevrolet Cavalier Door Contact Switch in Great Shape

    A door contact switch on your Chevrolet Cavalier isn't something that you will normally think about. After all, it functions passively. It's so important, however, to always keep it in best shape. For one thing, it's the door contact switch that allows you to remotely engage the locking mechanism. For another thing, it is actually the most active component of your car's alarm. It's what engages the loud, blaring anti-theft system when someone forces your car's door open. Lastly, it also determines the state of security of your door and warns you--via the console--if any door is left slightly open. You might not realize it, but there are several things you can do to ensure that it is in good shape:

    Always test it.

    The best way to deal with a problem is to address it before it even happens. The best way to do so with the door contact switch is to test its functionality often. Does the automatic door lock engage when you press the button on the remote? Time it carefully. Increased reaction time is a sure sign that it might be faulty--or the batteries on your remote need changing. Look at the console--does the light stay on showing that a door is ajar even if you are absolutely sure that there isn't a single door not secured? Then the switch might be damaged. As soon as you notice signs of trouble, have the switch replaced immediately--for security and safety's sake.

    Don't slam the door, be gentle.

    Are you the type that tends to slam the doors shut--in anger or out of habit? Then you might be causing damage to the components in your door--the door contact switch included. Each slam of the door delivers an equivalent force to the parts like the door contact switch that can loosen electrical connections or cause damage to vulnerable components like the door contact switch's frame. A little care goes a long way to extending the life of this invaluable switch on your Chevrolet Cavalier.