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Chevrolet Cavalier Wheel Covers

Chevrolet Cavalier Wheel Covers: Troubleshooting Tips for Their Common Problems

Wheel covers are a pretty good investment if you want to make your Cavalier look real good. However, there a number of problems that can affect these parts, enough to give any owner a real headache. Be sure to give proper attention to any problem you may be having with wheel covers. If you ignore any of these issues long enough, one of your wheel covers might pop off as you zoom through the freeway. The following are some of the usual problems you may encounter with your Chevrolet Cavalier wheel covers and the usual causes:

Rattling sounds

Rattling sounds mean that a nut or bolt is loose in the wheel cover. Inspect the wheel cover as soon as possible to locate the source of the sound. Tighten these components, so the noise will usually go away.

Rotation and clicking sounds

The clicking sound you hear is that of the wheel cover as it rotates little by little. This is usually the result of a loose fit between the wheel cover and the wheel. There are some fixes you can do to improve the situation. You can tweak the tabs on the side with a pair of pliers to give the wheel cover a tighter fit. A simpler but more expensive fix for this would be to buy yourself another set of better-fitting wheel covers. Consider getting a new wheel cover with clip-on retention to prevent such thing from happening.

Loose wheel covers

Every time a wheel cover is removed and reinstalled, the metal tabs or grooves on the cover wear out a tiny bit. Further deterioration of these metal tabs will result in a rather loose fit. To retighten the wheel cover's grip, you can use a pair of pliers and a rubber mallet to adjust the edge of the wheel cover. Just bend the edges outward and then tap on them afterwards to secure the wheel cover onto the wheel.

New wheel covers falling off

This happens when buying wheel covers that don't fit your car. You may try some of the methods outlined above to tighten the wheel cover. Still, you're probably better off replacing them.

  • Caring for Your Chevrolet Cavalier Wheel Covers

    Wheel covers are aesthetic accessories for your cavalier, making it look classy and a lot more appealing. To keep the good look of your wheel covers, they will need to be cared for. This usually entails cleaning them, polishing them, and removing any scratch on them. To learn more about how you can maintain your Chevrolet Cavalier wheel covers, read on.

    Clean the wheel covers if they have a significant amount of dirt on them.

    Clean your wheel covers regularly to ensure that they remain spotless. How often you clean them will usually depend on how you use the Cavalier. Cleaning them once a week is usually enough, but you may need to do it more frequently if you drive through muddy or dusty roads. A brush and a mild detergent solution will usually do the trick. Using a pressure washer will usually make the job easier; it is particularly useful if there are large amounts of dried mud on the cover. You can use tire cleaners as well for more stubborn dirt.

    Remove small scratches with a plastic cleaner and remove bigger ones with sandpaper.

    Small scratches on wheel covers are easily removed with the use of a plastic cleanaer. Just apply the cleaner on the wheel cover and spread this around with a damp sponge. Wipe off the excess cleaner and buff the wheel cover until no more scratches are evident. For more serious scratches, wet sandpaper will do the trick. Use a 600-grit sandpaper (or higher) for a more effective scratch removal. When you're done, wash the wheel covers and apply some plastic cleaner as directed above.

    Polish the wheel covers after cleaning them to make them shine.

    Wheel covers may turn dull after some time, making them lose their brilliance and their eye-catching shine. Polishing the covers ensures that this won't happen. There are a number of wheel cover polishes available; be sure to get one that is appropriate for your cover. Chrome, stainless steel, and plastic, the materials that usually make up the wheel covers, will react differently depending on the type of chemical applied, so be careful.