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Chevrolet Colorado License Plate Frame

Quick Fixes for Common Gripes with the Chevrolet Colorado License Plate Frame

License plate frames might seem like more of a pointless vanity product than anything else. But because vehicular identity is a very important thing with US law-enforcement agencies-try driving around without a license plate-these frames are actually a very worthwhile investment. True, they make even a thoroughly rugged ride like the Chevrolet Colorado look that bit more stylish, but they primarily serve to protect your plate from being beaten, bent, and broken off during one of your more hectic adventures. Because they're so small and inocuous relative to other parts of your pickup, it's not easy to determine whether or not your license plate frame is a bit on the fritz. Here are a few things that you can look out for:

Cracks and dents

There are actually two types of license plate frames out in the market that you can choose from. The cheaper ones are usually made of plastic, making them far more fragile. More often than not, they are easily scratched and cracked. The minute that you notice that cracks are forming across the surface of your frame, you can quick-fix it by applying epoxy putty to the damaged area. This usually stops the crack from lengthening and extends the lifespan of your frame a bit more. Alternatively, you can also just replace the whole thing because it isn't too expensive to begin with.

The more costly ones are those that are chromed or fully metallic. These are far sturdier and do not tend to be easily damaged. When they are damaged-usually by stones and pebbles on the road-it is usually manifested in a wide array of bumps and bends. Because they're more costly, it pays to perform some repairs on them with a rubber mallet to hammer out the dents.

Total breakdown

You'll actually know that your frame has completely broken down when you hear it constantly clapping against your bumper as you drive. The sound is likely going to be a little high-pitched and constant due to the fact that it's a small part, and it is flapping in the wind. You could-hypothetically-repair the damage done to keep the frame useful. At this point, however, it might be a better idea to just replace it completely.

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  • Top Tips for Keeping Your Chevrolet Colorado License Plate Frame in Tip-Top Shape

    Even a powerful pickup like the Chevrolet Colorado has to abide by the law, and nothing is as simple as the necessity of a license plate. It is your vehicle's unique tag-fingerprint, if you will-that readily sets it apart from all other vehicles. That's why, some time ago, an enterprising indi thought up the license plate frame. It was a two-for-one kind of thing. Primarily, it could protect your license plate from damage and even bending. Secondarily, it also added a small touch of style and flair to the normally mundane license plate. At the very least, if you invested in one, it helps maximize your expenditure to take the best care of your license plate frame that you can.

    Check for bumps, bends, dents, and dings

    License plate frames come in two varieties-high-grade plastics or chromed-out aluminum-each one vulnerable to its own type of damage. Plastics normally get marred by cracks and scratches, while aluminum tends to get physically beat up with bumps and bruises-all of these are generally caused by debris encountered on the road. It's important to constantly check for physical damage because any damage-however small it may seem-is a vulnerable point around which a break down of the part might form.

    Because the price range on a license plate frame runs the gamut of very cheap to very expensive, you can opt to simple replace a damaged frame or repair it. For minor cracks, application of epoxy putty can seal off any damage straight away. In the case of bumps and dings on an aluminum frame, some hammering out with a rubber hammer might just do the the trick.

    Clean or polish-just maintain

    Even with such a small part to play in the greater scheme of things, a license plate frame benefits much from a little cleaning every so often. For the plastic varieties, a rub down is sufficient with a clean cloth and some water. For the chrome versions, a little bit of polish makes the chrome stand out and shine.