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Chevrolet Corvette Alternator

Chevrolet Corvette Alternator: Common Issues and Simple Solutions

One of the most important parts installed in your vehicle is the alternator. Typically made from high-quality materials, this part is responsible for recharging the battery and preventing various electrical problems. Unfortunately, due to every day use, the alternator gets damaged over time. Listed below are some of the common problems that you may encounter with your Chevrolet Corvette alternator:

Dim headlights

If your Chevrolet Corvette's headlights are too dim, then you should pop the hood and check the alternator for damage. Usually, if the alternator is no longer functioning, the various electrical systems in your vehicle will depend on the battery for power. However, because the battery is no longer being recharged, there will be insufficient electricity, therefore making the headlights dim. As a solution, you can try repairing the alternator's rectifier bridge, but make sure that you will test it first using an ohmmeter.

Stalling engine

You will know that your Corvette's alternator is about to fail if you are having a hard time starting your engine. This usually happens because the fuel system, ignition system, and on-board computer are no longer supplied by the alternator with the right amount of electricity. To solve this problem, you should replace your faulty alternator with a new one that can be purchased from your local car parts store.

Grinding noises

Hearing grinding noises from the alternator usually indicates that the alternator itself or its bearings are already worn out. If you will ignore these noises, you will face various car problems such as battery drain and worn alternator belt. You can fix this problem by replacing the damaged bearings with new ones that can be bought in kits. However, if you will do this repair, make sure that you will drive the bearings until they are flush with a small hammer.

Malfunctioning electrical components

Sometimes, the electrical components of your Corvette will malfunction not because they are worn out but because the alternator is failing. To diagnose this problem, connect a voltmeter to the negative and positive terminals of the batter. If the reading falls below 12 volts, then you may need to replace the alternator with a new one.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet Corvette Alternator in Top Shape 27 February 2013

    Though oftentimes overlooked, one of the most indispensable parts installed in your Chevrolet Corvette is the alternator. Aside from changing mechanical energy to alternating electrical current, this part also supplies the electricity needed by the different systems in the vehicle to function. What's more, it's responsible for recharging the battery. So once this part gets damaged, your Corvette will experience various problems that will compromise its overall performance. To avoid these troubles, check out the simple maintenance tips that we listed below:

    Check your alternator's electrical output routinely.

    One way to make sure that your Chevrolet Corvette alternator will last for a long time is by checking its electrical output routinely. Fortunately, this is a simple procedure, and all you need is a voltmeter. Just choose the DC scale, and connect the voltmeter to the negative and positive terminals of the battery. If the reading falls below 12 volts, then you need to replace your alternator.

    Inspect the alternator's cables regularly.

    Your vehicle's alternator is connected to the various components of the engine through cables. However, due to daily use, these cables eventually become loose, therefore causing various alternator-related problems. To avoid these troubles, make sure that the cables are connected firmly and tightly before you drive your vehicle. If they are loose, you can simply reattach them using a wrench.

    Make sure that the alternator belt is not loose.

    Usually, the alternator fails because the alternator belt is already worn out. When this happens, the overall performance of the vehicle becomes compromised because the battery is no longer recharged properly. To prevent this, regularly inspect the alternator belt for loose or worn out sections. If there are, adjust the alternator belt, or take your vehicle to a service center.

    Rebuild your alternator if some components are failing.

    Using a rebuild kit that can be bought from your local car parts store, you can rebuild your Corvette's alternator if some of its components are already damaged. Although this does not guarantee that the rebuilt part will last for a long time, you can still do this especially if you do not have enough money to purchase a new alternator. However, make sure that the kit you are going to purchase is specifically designed for your vehicle's make and model.