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Chevrolet Corvette Ignition Lock Cylinder

What Could Possibly Go Wrong with a Chevrolet Corvette Ignition Lock Cylinder?

Built with a slot that's compatible with only one key, the Chevrolet Corvette ignition lock cylinder keeps your vehicle secure. What's more, it allows you to run some of your automotive accessories without necessarily starting the engine. However, an ignition lock cylinder easily wears out because of frequent use. Inserting and removing the key from the slot sometimes damages some parts within the cylinder, and that will make starting your vehicle difficult.

Ignition won't turn

Difficulty in turning on the ignition is a sign that there's something wrong with the pin tumbler lock inside the cylinder. Although the problem may cause delays and headaches, it is something that you can easily fix by lubricating the ignition lock. Powdered graphite lock cylinder lube works best in preventing the pins from sticking. Insert the key into the slot after you've applied the lube.

Broken key stuck in the cylinder

When a broken key is wedged in the ignition, it will be impossible for you to start your vehicle. Fortunately, though, you can fix the problem without paying a locksmith to do the work for you. If the broken key is inserted deep into the ignition, a pair of tweezers may not be the ones for the job. Instead, you'll need a screw wire to fish out the broken key by its edges. The broken key may not come out quickly-wiggling it from side to side will help.

Key slides out of ignition

Although a key sliding out of the ignition won't cause your vehicle to stop, it might bring another problem (like losing the key in the process). This problem usually happens when the key is already worn out. Replacing the key would be a good idea, but if that doesn't work, inspect the cylinder for signs of damage. You can replace the ignition lock cylinder to fix the problem.

Other troubleshooting tips

If you can't get your car to start because you've lost your keys, you need to have your ignition lock cylinder drilled out from your vehicle. Once the cylinder is removed, replace the cylinder together with the ignition switch.

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  • How to Keep Your Chevrolet Corvette Ignition Lock Cylinder in Good Condition

    Aside from allowing your vehicle to start, the Chevrolet Corvette ignition lock cylinder also keeps your ride safe. With only one compatible key to power up the engine, your automobile won't be easily broken into. However, like many other car parts, the ignition lock cylinder needs proper care to keep it in good condition. An ignition lock cylinder may become stuck, which means that you won't be able to start your car. To keep that and other problems from happening, follow these tips:

    • Always check your vehicle for signs of ignition lock cylinder trouble.
    • Because the cylinder is hidden from view, it's difficult to spot any visual damage to it unless you take off the steering wheel and the cylinder itself. However, you can immediately tell when the ignition lock cylinder has gone bad. Difficulty in turning the key is one sign that your ignition lock cylinder is damaged. Additionally, if your car can run without you having to insert the key (if you're already on the road and the key falls out of the switch), then you should inspect your ignition lock assembly for damage.
    • Clean the ignition switch regularly.
    • Although not part of the cylinder itself but of the whole ignition assembly, a dirty ignition switch can the insertion and removal of ignition key difficult. A broken key inside the switch is difficult to remove, depending on how far the key has been inserted. There's a possibility that the broken key could damage the ignition lock cylinder. When that happens, you need to replace the whole cylinder, which could cost you some money. To prevent that problem from happening, you can use an electrical contact cleaner that you can spray to the switch. The cleaner will flush away the dirt buildup on the ignition lock switch and that makes turning the ignition key a lot easier.
    • Apply a lubricant to the cylinder.
    • Applying lubricant to the lock cylinders helps in preventing it from getting stuck. The best lubricant to use is liquid graphite. However, you can also use motor oil to lubricate the cylinder, but do so only during emergency situations (like when your car stops in the middle of the road).