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Chevrolet Corvette Roof Seal

Detecting The Common Problems in a Chevrolet Corvette Roof Seal

There's no need to worry about rain getting into your car through the roof. This is because of the built-in Chevrolet Corvette roof seal, which prevents weather elements and debris from entering the vehicle. The Corvette's upholstery and electrical circuits are then spared from getting wet and being damaged.

Water leakage

The most obvious roof seal problem is having water drip or trickle from the car's roof on rainy days. To check if the roof seal on your vehicle is damaged, observe where the water is coming from. Water can pass through a damaged sun roof either from the car roof attachment section or from the main silicone seal. If water penetrates through the car roof attachment section, inspect if adequate butyl or silicon sealant is used to bond the roof to the surface of the car. If it's securely bonded then cheek the frame screws on the bottom frame if they appear to be tight and are torqued right. Tighten these screws if found to be loose.

If upon tightening the screws, the leak still occurs, then remove the old butyl or sealant from underneath the frame and from the car's roof surface. Apply new butyl or sealant to the frame and reinstall the roof.

On the other hand, if you notice that the water enters through the main silicon seal, inspect the roof's hinges. The leak may be caused by these loose hinges. Tighten or replace the hinges, if necessary. Moreover, inspect the top silicon seal for any foreign object that might be obstructing it. If you find any object along the silicon seal, clean the seal with a wet sponge.

Noise due to wear

On higher mileage vehicles, a worn roof seal may produce noise due to loose hinges. This results in the glass panel rubbing against the frame when the roof gets misaligned. Check the roof's hinges to see if they need to be replaced or repaired. Some users recommend lubricating the seals to solve the noise problem. Aside from getting rid of the irritating noise from the roof, the lubricant also prolongs the hinges' lifespan by delaying corrosion.

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