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Chevrolet CV Boot

The Chevy CV boot is a crucial component in the axle assembly of your vehicle, helping to protect the constant velocity joint that gives power to the drive wheels. The Chevy CV boot is designed to keep the CV joint lubricated and free of the debris and dirt that flies up from the road surface as your drive. The CV joint is a major component in the transfer of power from the engine to the vehicle drive wheels, allowing the wheels to use that power to propel the vehicle. Without the proper function of the CV joint, which is protected by the Chevy CV boot, the vehicle would be at a standstill, unable to move without the power it provides. The CV joint is very vulnerable to failure if it becomes contaminated with abrasive particles of dirt and debris from the road, making the protection of the Chevy CV boot crucial to its important function. The Chevy CV boot can fail over time, becoming cracked or damaged from exposure to the elements and the rocks and debris of the road. If damaged, the Chevy CV boot can allow the grease with which it is packed to leak away, and dirt and debris to find its way inside to contaminate the CV joint, grinding away at sensitive inner parts. Checking the condition of the Chevy CV boot is wise to prevent the expense of unnecessary CV joint trouble. We carry a selection of quality Chevy CV boot replacements in our user-friendly online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering your Chevy CV boot replacement safe and easy and our toll-free phone line is available to take your order just as efficiently.