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Chevrolet Cylinder Head Gasket

Ranking high on the list of the most dreaded automotive repairs is the replacement of a head gasket, not because replacing your Chevy head gasket is ultra-complex, but because it is time consuming. The Chevy head gasket itself is a fairly inexpensive part, but the per hour rate to have it replaced in your local automotive service center is sure add up to a steep charge, because, in order to access your Chevy head gasket, there are a number of engine parts that have to be removed. The amount of money that it costs to have a Chevy had gasket professionally installed inspires many to do the work themselves, and this is certainly a doable repair, as the procedures involved really are not too difficult, but it will take a long time. However, if you do not have a decent amount of experience under your hood, replacing your Chevy head gasket by yourself should not be attempted without an excellent repair manual, such as one from the selection that we carry. That way, you won't have any extra parts after you put everything back together. After you've installed your new Chevy head gasket, there are some things you can do to greatly reduce the odds of seeing those tell tale signs - the frothy light brown substance where your rich, black oil should be, the oil in your coolant, the huge, white clouds of smoke coming from your tail pipe - again any time soon. The most important of those things is to avoid overheating by taking good care of your cooling system, as repeatedly overheating, or even just one hotter than average overheating incident, can melt seals and gaskets, including the Chevy head gasket, and warp the metal parts that they rest against. If you do overheat, don't just let the engine cool, refill the fluid, go on your way and forget about it. Track down the cause and resolve it. You can order your Chevy head gasket replacement online or via our toll-free number and we'll soon have it on the way.