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Chevrolet Driveshaft

The Chevy driveshaft is an essential component in the drive train of your vehicle, cooperating with the other drive train parts to transmit the power produced by the combustion process in the engine to the drive wheels to allow the vehicle to move. The Chevy driveshaft is connected to the transmission output shaft at one end, and is connected to the differential at the other. The transmission receives the torque of the engine through the crankshaft, with the help of the clutch assembly, forming the connection between the two. The transmission then passes the torque through to the Chevy driveshaft, which transmits power to the differential. The differential uses a gear reduction to slow the rotation, and then sends the power on to the drive axle to rotate the wheels. The Chevy driveshaft is quite long, extending the length of the vehicle. This length makes it necessary for the Chevy driveshaft to be supported by a number of universal joints in order to perform its function efficiently. The universal joints provide secure support to the Chevy driveshaft, while allowing it some flexibility to move safely with the vehicle suspension as the vehicle drives over uneven surfaces and bumps. The Chevy driveshaft must remain straight and balanced to function without excessive vibration. Without the flexibility provided by the universal joints, the Chevy driveshaft would become bent or damaged as the suspension system moved. We carry a selection of quality Chevy driveshaft replacement parts in our convenient online catalog. Our secure site will make it fast and easy to order your Chevy driveshaft parts or our toll-free phone line can help you place your order just as efficiently.